Augest 31st 3s singels and team tourney

Yeah I sorta was out of commisiion when i tried to run the last tournament for 3s on here, but I’l sure enough that I’ll be able to run then tournament all the way threw

any how this is how the rules sor singels and teams will work

**Warning, there is a 100ms ping cap, if your higher than that then it sa no go for you **
Also Both Teams and singels will start at the same time

**Start time For singels **5pm est
Start time for Teams 6pm est

Rules Emulator “mameppk 0.117” <-- w/e the one every ones using
Double elimination
Swithable chars only upon loss
Super arts able to be changed if you win
No cheats
No gill
No Shin Akuma
Must play on excelent, lan or p2p

Game specifics
2/3 winners and losers
3/5 winners and losers finals
4/7 grand (losers must win 2 sets)

Team rules

All of the above apply, also the sbo rule for teams (which must be teams of 2) that has it so you must all have diffrent characters on your team

Team A. Yun Ken <— this is ok
Team B Yun Yun <— Not ok.

You must have 2 diffrent characters for your team.

It will also go in double elime but only be best of 1! Also You must pick a TEAM NAME. So that ints easier to do the brakets

Post up if you want in!


I’m in for singles

I need a Team :(, I can play as ken/alex/yang. You can find me in #srkkaillera or god weapon’s.

About teams,how is playing another team gonna work?

OK it’ll be double elim best of 1.

I mean like - do all 6 of us join one game :wasted: or we stay in a chat room and our 1st person up makes a game that their 1st person joins and we keep going with that.

Well you can’t all join in at once because it only add’s in 1 at a time. so just have one guy start a chat, then the two that go in, go and fight the lsoer leaves and the next member of the team goes and fights.

Oh shit you said the same thing lol.

Also if ou can’t get a teamate Me and Haso can team with you.
Me: Chun, Ken, Ibuki
Haseo: Ken

Wat time does it start?

5 pm est

i’ll join this one.

i have partners in mind.

How long is this going to take and I’d have to leave for work by around 4:45.

Ight sound sogod,

If need be we can start it up same time the fallowing day

If it start at 3pm, team starts first or single starts first?

Is excellent on GW the standard? I would also prefer if there is a generous cap on the ping of the people entering the tournament at like 75 or 100…


Isn’t there another online tourney this same day?
The one that was supposed to be yesterday (Aug 25) but was pushed back 1 week (Aug 31) because of EVO?
I signed up for that one…

i might be down for singles depending on if i have alot of work from my classes

Endless that tourney you speak of is the one im hosting along with Blind and Brownout on September 1st this one is on the 31st so you can make both =]

Hope to see you all posting to be there :wgrin:

Yeah put me down for the singles tourney =D. I would join teams but why 3 people on a team =O. It would be more convient if there was just 2 people on a team that way when teams are playing each other all 4 can play in one room just Left Shift and F5 when its the teammates turn.

Yeah I guess jsut to make shit easier

I want in

August 31? hmm, I think I’ll be able to join in then.