[Aug 5, 2011] SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING 3 : Mark of the SKILLENNIUM << CVS2 X VSAV >> (Brooklyn, NY)

Rithli, Zar The Biscuit & Next Level Arcade Presents:


$$$ S K I L L I O N A I R E F I G H T I N G 3 $$$
Mark of the Skillennium

Next Level Arcade
4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street)
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Venue Fee: $10 (suggested)
While NLA charges several different hourly rates, there is a flat rate of $10 for a full day’s admittance available. It’s probably in your best interest to consider this option as tournaments tend to run about 4-6hrs on average AND you’ll probably want to get warmed up before the event as well as request salty runbacks after the event is completed.

[COLOR=#00ff00]:wow::eek:Day & Start Time: Friday, August 5th @7PM:eek::wow:[/COLOR]
Not 7:30PM, not 8 or 9PM either. Try showing up at least thirty minutes ahead of schedule because if you show after the time posted it’s very likely you WILL NOT be added to the brackets.

Regstration: 6pm - 7pm
Please sign-up AT THE DESK BY THE GLASS COUNTER which is conveniently located at the arcade entrance. Signs will be posted to further assist you.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2)

Moderator: Zar

Entry Fee: $3

Grand Prize: Winner-take-all. Don’t spend it all in one place.

2nd, 3rd Place Prizes: You get to shake hands with a SKILLIONAIRE! How many people can say they’ve done that?

Regulations & Stipulations

Game Settings

[]It’s recommended that sets be played through Arcade Mode to avoid any accidental adjustments of the Handicap or Ratio Settings. Arcade Mode will also save the winner’s characters selected as well as the ratio settings thus removing the trouble of having to re-select both again. Order of character appearance may still be adjusted during the pre-battle screen.
Via Option Menu
]Default (Timer 999, Dmg 2, Speed 3)
Tournament Format
Bracket Assignment
[]Participants will be seeded in brackets based on total accumulated points from prior $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING events (i.e. skill seeding) .
Double Elimination
]Winner of a set (2/3 matches) progresses, loser of the set pops some garlic tablets and moves to the losers bracket.
[]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals: will all be 2-out-of-3 Matches (First to two wins).
]Winner of a match MUST KEEP THE SAME TEAM AND RATIO SETTINGS but is allowed to change character order before the start of the match.
[*]Loser has the option to select new team and adjust ratio of said team.
In case you missed it: The entire CVS2 tourney will be 2/3 all the way through!

Side Selection
Coin Toss: Because we all know P2 side is godlike
[]Any player may request a coin toss for player side BEFORE STARTING THEIR FIRST MATCH.
]Winner of coin toss chooses player side and remains on that side for the entire set.
[]If there is a reset in GF’s then either player may request a coin toss to determine player side again (as this is an entirely new set).
]In addition to the winner of the coin toss having the option to choose which side they want to play on they must also CHOOSE THEIR TEAM AND DECIDE CHARACTER RATIO BEFORE THEIR OPPONENT.
[*]Loser of the coin toss has the option of choosing the battle stage (lol).
Evil Ryu, Blood Iori, God Rugal, and Shin Akuma are banned w/o question.

Pausing & Resets
Should a pause occur mid-match, the player responsible for the paused game will not be penalized unless:
[]The pause happened during a damage exchange (e.g. a 2+ Hit Combo). In this instance if the player who is receiving damage has paused, they must forfeit that round (exception being hit-trade).
]Retaliation is imminent (e.g. recovering from from a missed HP Shoryuken). If the player who is being retaliated against (i.e. at an obvious disadvantage) has paused, they must forfeit that round.
[*]RESET: Should a reset occur (and it HAS happened in the past lol), the match will be replayed. Character order and the characters already defeated in the prior match must be replicated up until the point in which the reset had occurred.
Your best bet is to DISABLE start and/or select if your controlling device allows so (i.e. break something or mod) OR use a stick with start/select placed apart from attack buttons OR be extra-super-duper careful. If you need to use TAUNT, then it is highly advised that you set a separate button aside for the macro.
…Gotta love console.

Vampire Savior (PS2 Via - Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection)

Moderator: Rithli

Entry Fee: $3

Grand Prize: Winner-take-all.

Regulations & Stipulations

Game Settings

[]It’s recommended that sets be played on Arcade Mode to avoid accidental handicap adjustments or selection of Banned Stages (stages are selected at random w/ exception of Banned Stages see below)
Via Option Menu
]Default Damage (DMG 2)
[]Default Timer (99)
]Speed Setting: TURBO 3, no selection
[*]Dipswitch Setting: **1997/05/19ver ****
**In order to access the dipswitch settings: In the OPTION menu, hold R1+L1 before selecting GAME OPTION.

Tournament Format
Bracket Assignment as mentioned above:
[]Participants will seeded in brackets based on total accumulated points from prior $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING events (i.e. skill seeding) .
Double Elimination
]Winner of a set (2/3 matches) progresses.
[]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals: will all be 2-out-of-3 Matches (First to two wins).
]Winner of a match must keep the same character. Loser may switch.
Side Selection
Selected by coin toss.

Banned and to Note
[]This is Vampire Savior (1). So the Hunter2/Savior2/Arranged mode characters will not be available. (This includes Dee, Donovan, Phobos, Pyron, Oboro Bishamon).
]Shadow Gallon is OK.
[]No Shadow (body snatcher), no Marionette.
]I recommend not using the stage IRON HORSE, IRON TERROR & FETUS OF GOD due to it actually being longer than all the other stages.


1st - 21 Points
2nd - 13 Points
3rd - 8 Points
*4th - 5 Points *
5th (tie) - 3 Points
7th (tie) - 2 Points

Current Rankings

MIN (42)
Snake (26)
GOS Zar (8)
Jon (8)
Rithli (6)
DS (5)
Jasmin (5)
Apollo (4)
Hold Dat (3)
Jason (3)
Mr.Quotes (2)

Rithli (42)
GOS Zar (10)
Braver (8)
More4YourBuck (8)
Apollo (5)
Greek (3)
DaiAndOh (3)
AkumaHokoru (3)
Squared (2)
Anakron (2)
*Snake (2) *

You just forgot to put the A2 stuff up… riggggggggggggggggggggght?

ok guys, weve got about two weeks to prepare for the next SKILLIONAIRE event and i’d like to see another speedy and smooth run of things. Only this time speedier and smoother. Made a huge derp-up for the last event by not requesting equipment and reserves and the brackets progressed a bit too slowly for my liking. That being said, im requesting assistance from the community so that we may have more stations and sticks avail so players can get in more games for casuals and help the tourney itself run a bit faster. If anyone is able to contribute any of the following for the next SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING event, please dont hesitate to post up your info:

PS2 unit (preferably modded but not necessary)

PS2 sticks (if you have extra sitting around please, PLEASE bring it along. Unfortunately many have traded in/abandoned their PS2 sticks for next gen sticks)

CVS2 Disks

VSAV Disks

A TRIPOD! (the multi-purpose cardboard box is not as good as it may seem, people. Please help our media staff by loaning us a tripod for the day to record your top4 footage in the most professional way possible)

any efforts are appreciated and will be listed to keep track of supplies (watch for updates in OP).

Remember that the next SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING will be held on a FRIDAY (8/5). Lol

So, Alpha 2. Yes or no? I can run it and post up the rules too if necessary.

No go for me guys, sorry

Will try to make it there. Also, will try to get some CVS2 disks as well as Vampire disks via VGNY before the event.

See you all there.


now that evo is done, we can all go back to playing the cool games - yaaaaay

ah good stuff, anti-shoto. This only leaves us w/ the issue of ps2 units now. Atm we only have only have one in reserve and need you guys who are attending to contribute units. Nla has about 5 crts avail now and we’re going to need at best 4 stations for a smooth tourney run. If anyone has a ps2 sitting around, dust it off and lug it along w/ you to the next skillionaire fighting please. It would be a great help.

This wknd is also nla’s sf4ae sbo quals so it’s going to be pretty damn sick. Hoping to see some out-of-towners for the capcom classics the night before. See you all there!

Edit: we’re also working on getting a stream hook up for this so lets hype this shit up-p-p-p. Rsvp!

I’ll be there for VSAV. I definitely would play alpha 2.

Now im hella salty I cant go :frowning:

i’ll have extra ps2 units at the store!

how much extra are we talking? so far we only have two in reserve (iirc) and we may need about 4 total for the event. Appreciate the help so far, guys.

we’re considering adding A2 to the roster officially sometime in the future. Setting up A2 at this wks event may be a good chance to give the game and it’s scene a “test run” before we make a final decision. Guess you can post up info’s and we’ll tweet it up so that others catch wind.



Don’t worry Apollo I’ll rep it. I’ll be there Friday.

btw this being streamed courtesy of supermin. Get hype.

Ppl bring sticks and ps2s plz

Min’s running a test stream and CvS tutorial tonight:

I can bring a PS2 (un-modded) but don’t have the A/V cables, only the R/F. Would that work?

the r/f cable would definitely be a good idea to bring along. Not sure if we have enough (or any) coughlegitcough cvs2 and vsav copies so theres a chance the ps2 may end up not being used.

I’m bringing a tripod that you guys can use if you need.

Anyone wanna play some melty casuals?/

lmao spooky from left field. thanks for donating tripod for the day. rithli will certainly make use of it.

man, apollo is gonna be even more tight he missed this seeing the mb godfather has requested games. :pray:

Lol Apollo’s good Zar he’s getting it in ~_^

wut no shoutouts lol?

GGs everyone. good job with the stream and all that extra work :party: