[Aug 31, 2011] GameWarz Miami Florida ALL DAY SSF4AE/MVC3 8/31/11 Tourney (Miami,Fl)

Hello everyone,

Come to GameWarz in Southland Mall on Wednesday, August 31st for an ALL DAY event. This will be GameWarz last day at Southland Mall before reopening at its new location in September. At 2:45 we will begin our random select AE tournament.Winner takes all. At 5pm is our random select Marvel tournament. At 6:00 our AE singles and Marvel tourneys will begin(they will be run simultaneously). After the singles tournaments, then the AE team tournament will begin. Also, we will also be holding a 3S tournament as well in between as well.

2:45: AE random select.
payout:Winner takes all

5:00PM:Marvel Random select
Entry: $4
payout:Winner takes all

**3RD Strike will be ran if randoms end ahead of schedule

6:00: SSF4AE/MVC3 Singles
Entry: $5
payout:Winner takes all

After singles is our 2v2 AE tournament.
Entry: $15 per team
payout:first and second

All games will be played on 360 but there will be a ps3 available in case you feel more comfortable on ps3. Just ask if your opponent would be ok with playing on PS3.

Everything will be streamed as well.

Once again if you’ve any questions, feel free to PM me.

***I will be updating this post with the stream URL as soon as I have it


yeah so… dead stream, nice

Streaming won’t begin UNTIL LATER

Ill repost when the stream is up and running.No need for attitude homie