[Aug 21, 2011] St. Pete Sunday Showdown 11: AE, MVC3, and Soul Blade (St. Petersburg FL)

SUPER Street Fighter 4 AE Singles(360) - $10

  • 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
  • 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Winners,Losers and Grand Finals.
  • Double Elimination
  • Winner keeps same character, Loser May pick a different character
  • Winner may change Ultra but must choose before Opponent picks their Ultra.

MVC3 (360) $10 entry fee

  • 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
  • 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Winners,Losers and Grand Finals
  • Double Elimination
  • Winner keep same team and assists/assist order
  • Loser may change Team/Assists

MK9 (PS3) $10 entry
-2/3, rounds 90 sec
-2/3 Matches, 3/5 Winner, losers Grand finals
All DLC’s will be allowed
UMK3 skin Cyrax, MK2 skin Smoke are both banned
Kratos is Banned, The stages Chamber of the Flame and The Street are banned.

Soul Blade (arcade) $2 entry fee
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 matches
-Double Elimination

Sign ups and casuals start at 4:00 tourney starts at 6:15… serious

Fees and Parking:
There will be a door fee of $5. All door fees go towards making future St. Pete/Tampa events possible.

Parking in downtown St. Pete is free on weekends. If the streets are full there is a parking garage in the same block as Cafe Alma that charges $5 (cash) a day. After passing Cafe Alma(right) on 1st AVE S, turn right onto 2nd St. S, parking garage will be on your right. Public parking starts on the 3rd floor. Elevator exits you back to 1st AVE S.

is this in gainesville fl??

Thanks for the info I’ll try to come out

hmmm intresting…not far from my location. hafta look into this

tourney is in down town St. Pete.

MK9 added to the list of games due to demand.