[Aug 13, 2011] [August 12, 2011] Final Roundbats Japan 04 (Tokyo)

Whats up SRK. Final Round crew here in Japan and we will have our monthly ranbat starting at 3pm Japan time.

Godsgarden will be providing with the main stream, and I might have a off camera 2nd stream for another station.

Some info about the tournament can be found here: http://finalroundbats.blogspot.com/

Follow me on Twitter @Forgenjuro if youd like to get an update whenever we go live.

Check us out if youve got time. Or if your in Japan some how drop on by!

If you got any questions, please feel free to ask.

Matt Dahte aka Forgenjuro aka Gostunv

EDIT: its already the 13th here in Japan so when the tourney starts i think itll still be the 12th in America. Thats why the double date in the title is so strange. hope that clears it up.

see ya there!

good stuff