Audition sides from the upcoming Tekken Movie

Hey everyone. For anyone who is interested, I (as well as pretty much every other actor in LA) had access to the sides they used for the auditions they held last month for the Tekken movie. Here are all the characters they had auditions for (some of them haven’t been in games yet I believe):

Jin (male lead)
Christie (female lead)
Marshall Law
Steve Fox
Bruce Irvin

and if you want to check out the audition sides for these characters, I put them up on yousendit. This is basically a few small samples of the whole script. I’d say the dialogue looks pretty clean and doesn’t look too bad or cheesy

Here’s the imdb link:

no Jackie Chan as Lei Wulong? ;_;

Jin HAS to be played by DONNIE FUCKIN’ YEN - [media=youtube]vZs48lJXhxM[/media]
-Donnie got punked in Blade II so he deserves some fucking respect for once
Alicia Keys should be Christie.
Raven, well, Wesley Snipes, duh.
Anna - kate beckinsale?
Nina - Kristanna Loken, you know, the chick terminator :x

No sign of Lei Wulong. Based on the dialogue, I know they will have a Lee Chaolan in the movie. But apparently, they didn’t hold auditions for him. No sign of Hwoarang either.

And the problem with having Donnie Yen as Jin is that Jin is supposed to be 20 years old in this movie. Donnie doesn’t look anything near that young.

The only character that hasn’t been in a Tekken game is “Bonner.”

And isn’t Wesley Snipes headed to the slammer? That would make it kinda hard to do any acting.

Anyways, thanks for the scoop on this one, Kai!

“Bonner” :rofl:

Donnie Yen would be much better as Kazuya than Jin.

Some more info:

After holding auditions in LA, they also held some auditions overseas for Jin. I know of a friend who had a callback to the audition and another guy who might have been called back. Here are their imdb’s:

kai kazama

damn it sounds hype. Hopefully hollywood won’t fuck this up. I wonder who will play Kazuya. Better yet the old man. Heihachi is my dude.

I know George Takei went in for an audition. I forgot if it was for Heihachi or Kazuya. most likely Kazuya. I’d say Russell Wong or Marc Dacascos would probably make the best Kazuya though out of all the Asian Am actors in their 40’s. More or less, there was a huge call for Asian American actors of all ages for a lot of these parts. This was a first in a long time.

I have a gut feeling Lateef Crowder (from Tom Yum Goong/The Protector) is going to be a front runner for Eddy Gordo. He’s already got the perfect look and skillset for it. His acting I dunno about, but Gordo is such a small character in the film that they’re not exactly going to need an oscar award winning actor for it.

Vicki Zhao is still going to be Xiaoyu right? <3

As long as this doesn’t suck DOA I will be happy.

There no way they have enough money to get all the big time celebrities to be in it but let just hope they pick good actors/actresses that at least resemble the characters.

Samuel L. Jackson is Bruce Ervin…motherfucker.

Sorry to say, I think it will be another DOA/Street Fighter movie. While I love the thought and amusement of people turning on a dream cast for roles, movie budgeting will entail B-movie actors or maybe one known name.

Street Fighter - Jean Claude Van Dam, Raul Julia, Ming Na, Kylie Minogue
DOA - Devon Aoki, Jamie Pressley

I doubt the budget for Tekken will be bigger than Street Fighter, and we all know how that turned out…

If only this white dude was Asian…Hwoarang incarnate. :pray:

no Bryan Fury?..weaksauce

Marduck = :rofl:

Last I heard the budget could be around 50 million. But they already took that info down. So who knows. Either way, I’m going to boo whoever they cast as Jin.

My man Yoshi gets no love!

Hope it doesn’t suck, but I was never much of a realist. If only Bryan Fury (I thought it was Brian?) was in it, but then it’d have to be R instead of PG-13 with all the messed up crap he does.

No Yoshimitsu either? Lame.

At work and bored…$50 Million seems like a lot for Tekken considering…

DOA: Dead or Alive $30 Mil

Street Fighter Movie $35

I say Tekken gets around the same budget, most I say is around $30 Mil

I love Tekken BTW, I just don’t see being better than a B-movie. I hate when ppl call Marduk, “Marduck”… and it’s Bryan Fury with a Y. Christie/Eddie for life! (Slips and Spero FTW)