AU! AGGRAVATED UNISON most wins in klan wars EVER! view for current battle schedule

AU! vs 88’s 7/17/11 After 6pm CST

This is some info about the klan war that I posted on some other threads. I apologize about it not containing all the links to the people who will be streaming.

Search around or follow DIGIMON, MEDINA, WONDER CHEF with After Dark Gaming, AU_WANNA_DIE, and SILENT1 to name a few. Search around on or to find the channels. I will do my best to post the links as soon as I know…

There are many of us that will be streaming different perspectives of the WAR… if you wanna join you can also search around in the Clan Forums on and


Also here is an update for the stream info for the AU 88 KLAN WAR… lemme know what you think…


I spoke with Michaelangelo and he said he has no objections to the tiny bit of lag that it adds… we r all online anyway and lag is the same on both sides…