Attn All G-unit Members

alrigjht now i know im not a g-unit member but the name of yopur crew has inspired me to start something new im going to be making a line of G-unit avatars (you know 50 cent’s crew G-unit?) and i was wondering if any of you G-unit members would be interested now im not making them right know i willbe very soon though so if you want tell me and ill make them up as soon as i can - hondaluva p.s. you can also hit me up on aim at hondaluva8 if you need to reach me

actually we got our guys that make our avs…asiandemon and sometimes automatic…but if u got hot ideas throw em out n we see whaz good

i know youy got guys that make your avs but im making some G-unit pieces non game realted with like the g-unit medallion as the bg and stuf so i was like maybe the g-unit guys will be interested

personally i’m sick of seeing “G-Unit” flashing on every avatar here

i cant do animations so nothing will be flashing im just making some good old fashionsd static pieces with g-unit stuff on them

what the hell is G-unit…did ppl get that from 50 or what…:confused:

shut the hell up…:frowning:



how many people are in this “G-Unit” ? it doesn’t bother me all that much but it seems like everyone has it on their AV, its like a trend virus :lol:

stfu…g-unit=gotcha games-unit:lol:

hey whays going on thanks for the offer on the g-unit av’s sounds good but please do us a favor if you make av’s for people other then us G-unit members please leave the name G-unit out of it unless justamazingda_dragon or myself say its ok i would appreciate that

G-Unit is a bunch of gamers comming from queens bklyn an now even long island who come together an play mvc2 or snk2 hang out have fun an just chill we just like to play the game every one knows Gotcha-Game’s has the 2nd best comp in mvc2 in nyc next to only ctf an were on the way up with snk2 if anyone every in ny an wanna see what im talking about come tru to Gotcha-Game’s in south side queens

sorry i havent posted up in a while been busy getting things together got big plans for this yr an dont think i forgot about the empire as soon as i find the time i will go down to ctf an see what tfgm has to say to me

then why not GG-Unit or G2-Unit something like that…why take 50’s :lol:

I feel like my style is getting whored…:lol:

oohhh…i seriously didnt know that…i though that it was something from 50 cent…for a lil bit i thought that the g-unit members were maybe realy 50 and the other ppl from g-unit…im crazy:D

fuck 50 cent

Damn yo. Freddy layin down the law.
Golba: Stop tryin to make trouble you trouble maker you.

= TRUTH :lol: :lol:

aint my fault… gunit members are avatar whores…cough:sweat:cough…:lol: well… not any more… but anyways… thats why I keep my sig to Gotcha Games Unit…:stuck_out_tongue: