Hi all!

I just wanted to let everyone know that an official team for SRK has been made in the World Tekken Federation. As of today, you can join **Team SRK **after creating your account on WTF and linking your PSN / XBL account.

If you need help linking your console account or creating your World Tekken Federation account , feel free to post in this thread.

A link to our **TEAM PAGE **can be found here: http://wtf.tekken.com/team/view/psn/1764

I should be joining you very soon this next week.

So it seems I must send out Invites so you all can join the team.

Post your WTF Username here and I will send them out as I see them.

Supreme Derrte


Kaboxx… Still a bit of a newb haven’t played tekken in awhile…

Piglizard9. Noob here as well, but I’m working at it.

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Your name returned no users.

Apparently I cannot add cross-platform users, so someone will have to make an XBLA division for the team and lead it. I’m heading the PSN squad.

Your invite has been successfully sent :slight_smile:


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How do I invite people to my team?

Ketsueki Wolf


Main Miguel, Second Lili and trying to level Steve.

Aah thanks mate i ended up making a team of my own maybe someone will set up a xbla division soon…

If you created your own team, go to your team page then click on the edit button next to the status bar. It should let you add members from there…

The_Rahavic (of course)

Yeah new to Tekken hell it’s been like 8 years, but for whatever reason this game feels so natural to me. I’m still currently booty butt cheeks but I’m takin it to heart and researching, labbing, training mode monstering and getting a couple games in online. I’ll be at a decent level in say…a month?

Count me in though thumbs up

PSN: Rahavic
Team: Jaycee + Ganryu (won’t be playing anybody else the entirety of games’ life, just how I roll)

I wanna be on da SRK team, I know how to juggle.







psn: rickman89

I’m pretty bad but a quick learner!

xbl name - roknin :rock:

Just what is going on with that W-L ratio my friend? You gotta help get our team to the top! :wink: