Attention R&B fans and Singers- The Vocalounge: A Site For Singers, By Singers

Hey wassup SRK! The name’s Lefty. Most of you will probably remember my recent B15 stick; the “Time Machine.” I’ve been visiting SRK for over five years now because I loved fighting games and this community had a healthy dose of camaraderie and competitiveness. There is an equal mix of those who strive to be the best at their game, and those who enjoy helping newbies (who just found the love of FG’s) be the best they can be. The level of creativity found on these forums is seriously on another level too. It was clearly evident that this site was home to a community who truly and deeply loved their hobby and their craft: fighting games. Well, this site (along with a few others) has inspired me to create a website founded in my first true love, music, particularly singing. I am a singer/songwriter. This has always been my first love. Well, I’ve been toiling away for the past few months juggling family, college, and full-time work to build a home for singers just like SRK is for the FGC. Now, I know there are plenty of sites that have “music” and “singing” forums but none of them have created a home for singers the way SRK is for us here. Most other singing sites are either strictly technical affairs or simple blogs that post news, rumors/gossip, and promotions for well-known artists. None of them feature all those things and catering to the singing community all at once.

Well with The Vocalounge; I’m trying to build a site that speaks to the youth who just figured out they can sing. I’m trying to reach the independent artist as well as the more popular mainstream ones. I’m trying to create a forum for all of them. I want to create a home that help singers be the best they can be. The Vocalounge is founded in the R&B genre since that is what I know best BUT it is not limited to that genre. Singers, songwriters, musicians, and fans of all genres are all welcome. I envision The Vocalounge containing content to help singers with technical voice instruction, tips and links to find producers, engineers, or anyone who can help any artist. This is in addition to the info they can get from other sites- except all in one place. I want to inform our readers about newly released music by providing unbiased reviews that speak from a singers prospective. I want to entertain visitors with videos that contain performances, interviews, and spoofs. I want to create a forum where users can connect and collaborate.

The music industry is in a state of disarray. You don’t really see any new artists that can truly sing anymore like in the 90’s. The internet has changed everything. According to most industry professionals, no one “wants” R&B or songs that contain what true vocalists would call “singing.” That is obviously not the case since shows like American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice, and The Sing Off generate MILLIONS of viewers per night. There is a crowd out there who love it. There IS a community of singers out there who love it. These shows draw thousands upon thousands of singers who audition for their shot at success. I want The Vocalounge to be their home the way SRK is for the FGC. These auditions are one of the main reasons I decided to create this home. I wrote something about it here.

I also have a podcast I created called Vocalounge Radio (VLR) where we speak on current events, releases, and other singing related topics. You can check it out here. Please check it out and subscribe via iTunes or Zune or your choice via Feedburner. Please provide feedback. I can use ALL the feedback I can get.

Please visit my site at site doesn’t contain every vision that I explained above (in addition to other ideas I didn’t even post), at least not yet! I just started out and I’m doing it alone, by myself. Please provide feedback either on the site or on this thread. Post any ideas, critiques, help-- anything. If anyone out there in SRK land is interested in helping me build this community, please contact me. I need help with posting to the blog section. If anyone would like to help with video ideas, podcasts ideas, anything, please contact me. You can also email me

The motto for my site is “Live. Laugh. Love. Be Vocal!” and the motto for my podcast is “For Singers By Singers.” Check us out and let me know what you think. Help me build the R&B/Singing community… one voice at a time.

Does anyone know how to hide the large body of text above? I’d like to condense it into one of those “spoiler” thingy’s so people can choose to read it all or just go to the site. Anyone?