Attention Norcal TVC players

Im Holding a Tournament On the 14th of November In norcal Brentwood CA ( the Eastbay ) and Tvc is one of the choices for a secondary game and it looks like it may be. Just a notice to all Norcal TVC players if you would like TVC to be held then Let me know here

About 2 set ups are gonna be there so far I was hoping for 3 and IDK how to fightstick situation will work so ALL TVC Norcal players if you want the scene to grow speak up about wanting the tournament to have TVC and help it grow.

Tryna Hold a TVC session also After the plan/meeting for the tourney so if you live in norcal arent busy around 12 pm tomorrow, Stop by Code Brew ( info in OP ) we can discuss/session about having TVC there.