Attention Midwest Players - SuperCon 2K Series at Wizard World Chicago

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Hey Midwest Players, SuperCon 2K Series will be hosting the ultimate gaming experience at Wizard World Chicago on August 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, 2012. From a $500 marvel set pot, $500 HALO: Reach (2 v 2) set pot and tons of other great prizes this is the gaming event you don’t want to miss. Go to to check out all the details and buy your pass online or at the door. Hope to see all of you at WWC!!

Wow at 20 dollar gift card for winning ae and no pool money. If I played marvel still I would go.

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. We know that at this show Marvel will be the big draw but if we get enough pre-reg we might consider throwing down $250+ on AE. We will have to see!!

Can’t wait for this event. The SuperCon 2K series is a culmination of effort people from New Mexico, Dallas, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida etc etc. Some of our local people from New Mexico will be attending the event and are very HYPED! Looking forward to hearing the results as Chicago is a hot gaming area. All our players thanks to SC2K here locally in New Mexico who help make the SC2K series a success, as we ourselves operate a SC2K series and know how much of a blast and fun it is. Have a great time Chicago!

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no king of fighters 13 tourney?

If u wa

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Just if anyone is curious, it’s me, (Chingachgook) Jason Montoya from Albuquerque New Mexico.

I am hyped for this event, for many reasons. People can vouch for New Mexicos ability to run a great event, and we have one of our top NM event directors attending to help run the event.

This is such an exciting event, for me personally on allot of levels. This event shows all the hard work, collective work from people across the nation to get this done. Hard work that some Dallas people and players have put in, Hard work that some New Mexico people and players have put in, that some Colorado put in, that some south Carolina people have put in, etc. etc.

This event at Chicago is really years of hard work, of many people, and many players to get the SuperCon 2K Series to offer a quality product. Right now it’s a great product and we are on the right path to continue to build a product that gets better and better with time.

This event is proof of that building, so as a tournament organizer I am very excited! (As I am also the person who created the NVGA, I created it because I want the best for all players)

In addition, I’m an active player, as I have a love fighting games, they mean something to me, they mean allot to me. So I love seeing the results. And knowing Chicago is a hub of great players, and a great video game scene. I am hyped.

Looking forward to reading about the results of the event and the tournament play!

I have allot more to say, but this is nor time nor place so I’ll keep it short and just say:

Have fun Chicago looks like an amazing event!!/jason.d.montoya

Jason Montoya

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Come win some big money and play some major comp at Wizard World Chicago. Street Fighter Player train up!!

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Wizard World Chicago is coming up next week and you still have time to pick up your pre-reg badge for the SuperCon 2K Series game room. Pre-reg closes August 8th 2012 so if you want the pre-reg rate make sure you pre-reg and play online.

if you guys are going to have a king of fighters 13 please post the day and time .

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