Please mail with the following items:

Where Tournament Was held? City? State?
What were the dates of the tournament?
Who were the top 3-5 players in each specific game?
What games were involved in the tournament?
What were the prizes?
Please provide pictures as well.

If the tournament you provide is ineed one that will be printed, we will be sending out some cash to you! It does not matter where you get these pics from, as long as I do not have the tourney, so if you get off your lazy butts, you can all earn some extra cash! Email me ASAP= ) We DO NOT NEED EVOLUTION COVERAGE, that was already covered. Anything else after EVL, please email me and provide info!

What format do you want the pics in? What size do you what the pics in?


We prefer the pics to be in .tif format if possible. If not, .jpgs or .bmps will do (as long as we can open them through Photoshop). As for size, it really doesn’t matter. We will resize them to fit in the magazine anyway.

I will get with you guys after the NC MAJOR 10/11. I will be taping most of the matches then uploading them for download about a week later. I can get snapshots and whatever. So until next month, you’ll hear from me. Thanks.

This is nice to know about and i’ll contact you when FR7 rolls around.:cool:

Don’t worry about my earlier post in this thread. I don’t want any help from someone that talking shit about me and my friends on IRC. You got mad at my opinion over some trival shit IMO. That’s why I droped it, but I guess you didn’t and felt like you could talk shit about people and didn’t think it would get back to the people that you was talking about. Good luck in all of your future tournaments yo. I don’t need, nor want help from a person that will talk shit behind someone’s back. You can keep that shit to yourself sir.

Oh yea, if you have ANYTHING to say about me then holla at me face to face when I come to EVO2k4 next year. And i’m going to leave it like that sir.

My 2 cents:cool:

:: pauses for a moment of silence ::

Eh? I talked about someone else TO HIS FACE, not you shinblanka on IRC. get your facts straight. If I talk shit, I ALWAYS SAY it to someone’s face. He is the one that disrespected ME. You are not a part of this.

I also do not know why you want to not have free coverage base don something your friend started with me. Again, this has nothing to do with you, and all the players that might want to hear about the tournament won’t be able to see coverage because of your decision.

In fact, your friend STILL did not apologize to me, and I am supposed to just take what he says with a grain of salt and smile? That’s fine by me I gues, but your weren’t there, and you just hear what he had to say about it. Everyone in IRC was on top of him about this whole thing, but oh well, your loss I guess. Nice judgment call.

Wilson! You have the wrong dates for N Cubed in your magazine. That jyst might ensure that people wont come if they see that man. Thats the same date as the Nor Cal regionals u have in there. Is there anyway u can fix that? Look at the N Cubed thread and see what the real dates are man. Not bitching or snapp’n just a lil concerned thats all.

Thanks Outro

(… E … M … S …


We’re not just a crew.
We’re family.
If you fuck with one of us.
You fuck with all of us and we don’t play that bullshit shawty!

EMS…from Ga, to Fla, to Al, to SC, to NC, to Tn, to Cali, and all the way to Japan…where will it stop? It won’t stop beeyotch’s.)

(Read up above statement)…
Thats just one of many reasons why he was a bit upset I thought the idea was great Final Round is coming back around the bin in 2004 im hoping we get a great turn out like we did this year, but Shinblanka is the Elder and Chief He is the creater so its his call.

Ok jason. I wasn’t there, but I believe my friend and what he told me. He has never lied to me before and why would he lie about what you said? I really don’t have the strength to be pissed over stupid stuff anymore. I’m going to stay out of this shit, because it’s drama like this that has pushed me away from the street fighter community lately. Too much bickering he said, she said BS. I’m too blame also by putting this BS in this thread created to help others get they’re tournament in your mag.

I don’t know who started with who. All I know is you’ve said somethings towards me and my friend. This really isn’t worth arguing over the internet. Like I said before, If you have a problem with me then tell me to my face. You said you didn’t have a beef with me, so i’ll leave it like that. But you do have beef with my friend and he is like family to me. Thanks for the offer, but I have to decline it. This will prolly be the last Final Round anyways.:confused: :frowning: Well it depends on the turnout this year.

(To all of my friends)
Please no more post to my earlier post in this thread. Thanks for having my back and leigh’s back.:cool:

EMS fo life.:cool:

How 'bout Nor Cal Regionals?

The tourney info is at:

And the results are at:

As far as pictures, i’ll try and get ahold of some of the ones omni took randomly. What else do you need?