Attending CEOtaku, first tournement, any tips?

It’s not my first tournement per se; I attended a few smash locals back in high school, but I stopped attending over two years ago, and we never got more than two dozen entrants across melee and 4 both (I remember one week there were only three melee players). I’m prepared to go 0-2 (I think), and I’m attending more to for the experience and the learning opportunities, but I’m super nervous about pretty much everything. How am I going to know which stations to go to, and when, and where they are? Is there any generally accepted etiquette for lining up for friendlies? I know I’m probably in my own head about all this, but fighting games are something I’ve found myself to truly enjoy, and I genuinely want to go as far as I possibly can with them.

Usually the tournament staff will brief you with information in regards to which pool you are in…and when you are supposed to play.
Make sure you keep note of those.

Don’t be late.

Waiting for casuals…don’t be a dick and cut in line.
I nearly dropped a guy at Evo for going in front of me.

If you arrive at the event early…meet up with some other players and have pre-tournament matches.

Go in with a positive attitude…if you lose, learn from it.

Keep us updated on how your experience went.

Thanks. I actually just got the email with all the info today, making this thread more or less redundant, but hearing it from a person and not an email is still reassuring.

Well, I just gt back and it was a ton of fun. I didn’t play as many friendlies as I’d have liked (good god am I a nervous person, being new doesn’t exactly help with that), but I did catch the Skullgirls top eight, the Blazblue 24 to 8, and refined my choice of games. Will definitely be attending again next year, CEO proper too, probably. If this is the proper place, I’d also like to ask a question regarding my future growth. Would it be better to focus on just one game at a time, to work on, system mechanics, and character matchups, or multiple games at once, to improve general execution and fundementals? For reference, the games are GG Xrd, BBCF, UNIST, and Skullgirls.

Execution and fundamentals are something that will carry over from game to game. Sure learning the complexities of a single game helps a lot but as it seems you like anime fighters so I don’t think you would be hurting yourself putting time into all those games. Work on self improvement and play what you like! Glad you had fun and as someone who is relatively new to fighting games that nervousness will fade especially once you get more comfortable with your game of choice.