Attack of the 50 foot woman?

Now I’ve seen it all…


Anyone actually play this game, it looks horrid?
Apparently it’s due on in the UK on Oct. 20th.

Did she activate Genei Jin at 00:17? And it looks like guy disappears at 00:11 right in the middle of a damn combo…

And it can stay there. Blech.


I actually own it.=/ some one gave it to me, trust me the game is gayer than this.

I feel bad now.

Have you seen how fast the meter builds lmao? I want 30 seconds off you right now…

The game is Gay you see the rainbow pattern in the back thats how all the supers look like, and the game glitches, like you could just mash and you will be able to not hit your opponet or you could walk threw them, the guy with the gun has a infinte which is stupid because its like every 10 hit combo they get dizzy.OMG and the load time is a joke, forever…but at least you can play as girls in bikini’s, pumkin head person, fake power ranger,guy in a yellow alien suit, and more…

Looks like Final Fight Revenge has some competition.


The fuck did I just watch?!?! :confused:

my brain hurts…damn that was bad