Attack canceling glitch (included in injustice as well)

Am I the only one who experiences this? I noticed that when you use an attack that can be canceled, if you input a command that has a special move with the last attack landed, but try a different button with the same directional command, you’ll end up doing the move based on the attack landed.

For example:
1 1 1 v > 3
1 1 1 v > 1
because the
1 v >
registers as
v > 1

You can input the attack button before, during, or after the directional keys. You can do Jade’s shadow kick with just 4 v >. This makes it where you end up doing something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what you intend. In fact, if you input it too fast. You can end up not doing that third hit, such as 1 1 1 v > 3 becoming 1 1 v > 1.

I cannot find this anywhere online, so I don’t know if anybody else, even Neatherealm Studios, knows of this. And it’s in Injustice: Gods Among Us demo as well where I input v < 2 and did v < 1.

It’s not a glitch, it’s they way the system is designed and it is called negative edge. It’s defined as when you can hold an attack button down, do a motion, and release the button to perform whatever move you intended to do.

Yes is it in injustice, but now, unlike in MK9, you can toggle in on or off depending on if you like it or not. The demo is not a true representation of the final game since no all the options of the game are in the demo.

I know Street Fighter has it, but it was never like 1 v > or v 1 >. If it can be toggled, I’m happy. I know I’ve pressed buttons before inputting the first direction of a special move command though. Sometimes, doing a move too fast would result in 1 1 1 v > 2 leading to 1 1 v > 1 for pressing v > before the third attack comes out. It’s strange, but a toggle system should be in everything.

It’s not a glitch and shouldn’t be an issue if you know what you are doing.