ATL North XBL/PSN ids | Whats a good day for everyone?

Post up and swap Gamer Tags. Same region so hopefully better connections

forgot to add mine

xbl: sp00ky monster

I randomly hop on for mvc2/hdr and once in awhile ssf4


I mostly play SF4 and sometimes 2K2UM or HDR.

They fix online for 2k2um?

XBL: delirium83

Mostly play SSF4. I also have BBCS, MvC2, and NGBC but I’ve spent such little time with them. Still, I’d be willing to be someone’s punching bag while I learn.

PSN: AsianManz
i’ll be playing on xbl sometime later in the future

but uh i mostly play ssf4, and for fun i play mvc2 and puzzle fighter lol

PSN: BBdiggs

On and playing SSFIV pretty much every day between 5-9pm. Let the pugilism commence.

PSN: lou-baggins

Only play SSFIV. I’m usually on for a while every night.


usually play ssf4 @ nights currently living at the new england area

MoosePanda-----xbl ssf4,and any fighting game…I also have a kinect,codbo, and pretty much any game.

xbl: Chronos411

I’m usually on SSF4 but also play BBCS, MVC2, HDR and sometimes puzzle fighter

Sir you deleted me off of your friend list sir…I should kick you the next time I am in VA…LOL

So yea ill be on tonight around 9pm if anyone wants to throwdown

jwangggg on psn and xbl. I don’t really sign on though. I will when 3so comes out if it doesn’t suck fat cock.

Nohmz- is my psn name, my main psn account friends list is full

PSN: DeRezz9

Only play SSFIV at the moment. I’ll be on almost every day in the evening.

xb: Necrotrophic

northeastern PA

I play S/SF4, and Third Strike on ggpo (same user name)

I also play mark of the wolves, hd remix, kof 98

the only games im somewhat decent at are street fighter games, and ssf4 being my best because i put more time into it

Xbl: chachadesmond

Hdr ssf4 garou, 3Sonline and mvc3 when they drop

XBL: HaitianSesation

I’m gonna change the name soon but I play SSF4, BB:CS, and MvC2.

PSN : Lightxdream

I know it’s the less popular of the 2 but i’d still be down to play HDR on ps3