AT&T to cap internet on May 2nd

AT&T will cap DSL and U-Verse internet, impose overage fees (update) – Engadget

The sad thing is that other companies are going to be following suit as well although there isn’t any word on when the other companies are going to do it. Its going to suck even more for people that have U-Verse since everything they do uses the internet. TV/Landline etc. So they are getting the short end of the stick here. I’m not sure why they are deciding to cap this shit now.

150 GB is crap. Maybe for a single average user it they would never go over but for a family of computer users? My sister is always playing some MMO, my dad is streaming soccer matches 24/7, my mom talks so much on Skype with her family from out of country and myself I do a bit of everything with gaming/watching shit on Hulu/research for my classes.

I know this is going to effect the people that constantly download shit and ohhh man are they going to be mad that they can’t use the internet because they ran out. :annoy: I can’t believe that South Park episode about “running out of internet” is coming true…

Now they start ripping people off. It took them along time to do so. Next is censorship…

how do you know your goin over?

its 150 GB for dsl, and 250 for u-verse.

Also, it’s not until your third month of overage that you get charged.

also, Netflix is going to shit bricks over this. Not to mention shit like cloud computing, or things like, YouTube, etc etc

how isn’t this illegal in some sort of way (either anti-competition or net neutrality laws)??

how do you deal with college households? Does everybody have to get their own internet connection now? You ever see what 7 people can do with the interwebz?

class action lawsuit plz k thanx.

Although this doesn’t involve me, it’s still pretty fucked up because as stated before, what’s to stop other companies from doing the same. NOTHING if people don’t start doing something about it instead of saying “that sucks… oh well…”

This is bullshit. (it’s true but it sucks)

I have at&t and i’m on netflix and youtube all the damn time. Well I guess I’ll see how it goes. We just signed up for 1 year with at&t a couple of months ago.

Netflix is especially affected, since they’re slowly moving to a fully digital download model.

PSN, Live, Steam, Nintendo, and other services are going to take a hit game-wise.

I personally used about 60GB as of last Tuesday on PSN downloads ALONE, and the month isn’t over yet.

The cap also includes UPLOADS. Now I definitely can’t sign up for Netflix, and I sure as hell can’t buy full games/trials (of retail games) from PSN/Live anymore.

I’m surprised other companies don’t after ATT/Comcast over the caps, since it WILL affect their own bottom lines in the end.

And didn’t ATT take some stimulus money from the federal government to improve infrastructure, and this is what they’re doing instead?

It’s like ATT wants their customers to flock to Verizon. First the iPhone thing with poor reception, and now this cap.

Verizon put out a statement that they won’t cap, AND they have a lower rate for phone/DSL with a higher speed.

Even with this, I’ll still be so jealous of American internet. In AU/NZ caps are standard; uncapped is available but really only viable for business because you’re looking at a few hundred dollars a month. In Australia, I was paying $60 a month for 50gb.

That really does suck for you guys though; I really hope other telcoms don’t start following suit.

just got their ToS about “usage” which they tried to hide from me. this is shit. time to look for another internet provider or lower my speed. no point in speed when there’s a cap.

We had a similar situation here in Canada in January but instead every independent DSL and Internet provider had to charge the same rates/caps as the big companies so you can’t even switch companies. Usage caps went from 200GB/unlimited to 25GB. It was overruled by our government after the public outrage.

TL;DR - Sign petitions, start riots, roll cars

  1. The datacap is so high it only affects 2% of current AT&T users. Torrent whores if you will, it will NOT affect your netflix abiloity.
  2. Cloud computing is ass anyways.
  3. AT&T turned a monster profit (mobile division thanks to apple really), but are losing ground on landlines and are trying to subsidize the lost revenue via ‘other means’
  4. If people actually REACT to AT&T’s move, then it will scare other proviuders. In typical American fashion however, we’ll moan and groan for a week…then get used to it.
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So how do we actually check how many data we’ve used so far on a monthly basis?

You should be jealous of everything in north america. I’m in australia right now. It’s fucking retarded how bad you guys get ripped off for everything.

This has been happening in small batches all across the country, but has gone largely ignored. Internet is the last frontier. Enjoy it so you can tell your grandkids how it was.

Egypt was completely wiped out from the internet. Must of sucked.

Man, that really sucks :tdown:

In my country, I’d say caps are pretty much unthinkable. At least I’ve never heard of a connection with cap or extra cost beyond a certain point since like… The 56k ages.

Though 150 gb seems like a lot, I can see how a household or even a single person might reach that in a month without much trouble.
Especially now that streaming music over Spotify is big here. And then video, mmo, general surfing, downloads, digital tv(?)… It builds up.

Yet another reason why I’m loving my Verizon FIOS


They’ll contact you when you reach half of your cap, 75% and 100%, and you only occur a charge if you di t CONSISTENTLY for 3 months. So its not a ‘z0mg I went a pr0n binge and now I cna’t check my e-mail’.

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