ASUS VW246H settings/general

Hey ya’ll.

Couldn’t find anything on the search on the subject or any general monitor thread, but if one exists then by all means direct me there or move this message.

So, I’ve had a ASUS VW246H for a while now. I and everyone know it’s great for gaming because it’s lagless. Most owners probably know that the colors on this thing are kinda shitty because they’re like 15-bit or something, but it’s an okay trade for no input delay, if you ask me. But even so, I still haven’t quite found out what would be good settings for it. I’m talking about contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, color temp, skin tone, all those kinds of stuff. So basically, what I’m asking is that could fellow owners post what settings they use so I could get the best picture out of my monitor? I’ve tried searching settings off Google, but because I have no idea how to calibrate a monitor, I don’t know if those are any good. Also, the settings don’t have to be strickly for fighters, I play all kinds of games on my monitor and sometimes watch movies and such.

Also, feel free to use this as a general thread for this monitor.


Easy mode: Set ‘Splendid’ to Standard, set Color > Color Temp to sRGB. Tweak other settings if you want.

Intermediate: Try to eyeball gamma 2.2 with Adobe Gamma or your video card drivers’ gamma settings, using some test images. See here for some info:

Advanced: Buy a colorimeter (e.g. Spyder, Eye-One, hueyPRO) and use it with color management software to set the white point under Color > Color Temp > User, then calibrate with the software to Gamma 2.2.

I’ve pretty much used easy mode when I first got the monitor, but then I started to see that some stuff seems off. The other methods you suggested are not viable to me, so I’m still looking some user feedback on the settings.

Crank your brightness and contrast to maximum, then hook up your monitor to your PC and follow the instructions here and adjust everything accordingly.

That looks actually pretty good, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!