ASUS VW246H Black 24" 2ms :$199 shipped @ Newegg

I didn’t know where to post this exactly,but since its tech related,I figure I’d post it here.

As far as I know,these are the same monitors that were used at Evo.

**EDIT:**This is not the monitor used at evo,but it has very similar specs and is an inch wider

Thanks for the correction,jdm714.

The ASUS VH236H(EVO) brand new is actually 10 bucks cheaper(not including shipping).

no free shipping to Hawaii :arazz:

It is actually the ASUS VH236H used for Evolution 2009.

I picked up the 23.6" version of this for $180. This is a great series of monitors :smiley:

I believe they are identical in specs EXCEPT for the size.

Yeah, I believe so. I just picked up the VW226H (the 21.5" model) myself. Mostly to use as my primary PC monitor (using my big HDTV right now, but it’s way too uncomfortable for some games), but it’ll definitely work for bringing to tournaments.:cool:

just a little FYI on the deal hunters…

you can find the 23" version on ebay at’s ebay store for $182 shipped.

next week is doubling their cashback on August 10th.

ebay has cashback of 8% now, so next week it will be 16%.

on top of that there is a 20$ rebate.

So it’s $182 - $29 (16% cashback) - $20 (MIR) = $133 total.

i plan on ordering one next monday.

Any way you can explain the steps needed to take advantage of this deal?

Geez, and I just paid $170 ($150 after MIR) for my 21.5" model. Oh well, I actually don’t think I wanted anything bigger considering space and such, but still.

  1. go to and search for “asus monitor ebay”.

  2. you will see a link to ebay at the top that shows a dollar sign on a coin and notice it says 8% cashback, click on that.

  3. in the ebay page search for the the asus monitor.

  4. in the list you will see one for $181.99 with free shipping, and click that one and you will see it’s zipzoomfly at their ebay account.

  5. click on buy it now, and on the next screen it will show a little price tag type thing with the amount of cashback you will get (just under $15).

  6. proceed to purchase.

you can do all this now w/out actually purchasing it to see the process and see what i’m talking about. also, you have to be signed up for the cashback process, which it will give you steps to as well, and signed up to paypal, because thats how you get teh cash back.

sometimes it’s instant cashback, sometimes you have to wait 60 days for it, there really is no way to guarantee one way or the other.

as of now it’s only 8% cashback, but like I said, starting august 10th, they are doubling the cashback so it should be 16% next week.


oh and the $20 MIR is also listed on the ebay auction as well.

Awesome. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Anyone looking to go bigger? They have a $30 Mail-in rebate so you can net it for $269.99
Crazy how $10 gets you an extra inch from 23" to 24" but going to 25.5" cost an extra $100 (or $70 after rebate).

Thank you sir. Ordered me a 24" with my winnings from Blazblue this weekend

Thank you FerociousWill.
Maybe I will buy another monitor.

OMG, I have that monitor!

WTF, I paid $400 for that!

has anybody actually tested this monitor and have hard numbers? I wouldn’t trust this monitor to be lagless because if there’s anything I’ve learned from looking at monitor reviews is lag isn’t on the top of manufacturers’ priorities and it’s a crap shoot. the most infamous example of this was some samsung 22" monitor where it was found to be lagless and many pc gamers that wanted LCDs thought it was the answer to their prayers but what people found out later was that samsung had two different companies providing the displays for that model and one was lagless and one lagged horribly and there was no way to know prior to purchasing which monitor you got.

You are the man. I would rep the shit out of you if i could. I’m definitely jumping on this next week. Thanks a ton :party:

well i just purchased my asus vh236h monitor.

the bing cashback today wasnt 16%, it was only 10%… and so it was 188.99 + 15.01 CA tax (fucking CA), came out to $197.

With $20 rebate, and $18.20 cashback, comes out to about $159 for the monitor total. Not to terrible. Thanks again. For those of you not in CA, this would be an even sweeter deal as it normally goes for about $190.

yeah, i’m having trouble even getting the cashback atm. I search ‘asus monitor ebay’, the little cashback sign is up there, I click on it and get sent to an ebay search listing without the little cahsback symbols.

wtf, mate?

edit: anyone else having this problem? :confused:

Okay, got it all worked out. Sadly, 59 days left pending on my cashback of 18 bucks.

Whatevs. Still too good of a deal to pass up.

very good deal. I’m debating whether or not to cop one of these. The urge is overwhelming.