ASUS VH242H owners - wireless problem?

I recently bought an ASUS VH242H and I’ve been having some problems with it. I figure I’d ask around these forums as I believe its a fairly popular monitor amongst fighting game enthusiasts.

Everything is working fine except for one thing.

I have this suspicion that having the monitor on is affecting my wireless connection. I can’t 100% confirm this, but it seems that whenever I have the monitor on (I use it both for my PS3 and my laptop), my wireless internet connection will get extremely weak from time to time.

Anyone else with this monitor experience this? Would you think getting a wireless range booster would help? My router is downstairs, while my laptop is on the 2nd floor.

I could just be crazy…

Where is your router in relation to your monitor? Also, wired network on PS3 > wireless.

Router is in the basement, while my monitor is upstairs on the second floor.

And yes, I’m totally aware that wired PS3 connection is the way to go.