Asus VH238H - No sound on my headphones when plugged in

I bought the vh238h (which is basically the vh236h used at Evo, but with an LED light and some other changes, but nothing that would really affect this, to my knowledge).

For whatever reason, when I plug in my headphones into the proper Audio input, no sound goes into my headphones. The audio continues to play through the monitor’s built in speakers as if the headphones aren’t plugged in. Is there a certain set-up I need to do with the PS3?

  1. I’ve tried multiple headphones
  2. There are no setting on the monitor that I can find that changes the audio outside of sound.
  3. One time, 2 days ago, I tried headphones and it worked…and hasn’t worked before it, or since.
  4. Using a HDMI cable.

I’ve read a few things online about people having the same problem with the 236, but none of them ever got an answer on how to fix the problem.

Can anyone help me out, and I’m sure the countless others who are/will have this problem.

I don’t want to sound like a dick, but are you sure you have it plugged into the correct port? I had this problem… and I realized there are two ports on the monitor. I had it in the wrong port.

No no, valid question. Lot of crazy people out there. Yes, it is definitely in the right port. Hell, I tried the wrong port a few times just to prove to myself I wasn’t crazy.

Okie doke… Yeah, I didn’t even realize there was a black port… too dark. lol

So no one has run into this problem on the forum?