ASUS Monitor help please

hi, i just bought a ASUS monitor and for some reason the volume is a gray box. every time i try to go to volume it just skips over the gray box that says volume. i have everything plugged in except the hdmi cable and am using the monitor to play my xbox on. i never had this problem with my other monitors but they didn’t have a thing called “for hdmi” with a headset symbol on top of it and my other monitors didnt require a hdmi cable either. is there some kind of special cord i need?

If not HDMI, what are you using to send audio information from the console to the monitor?

i use this Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable: Video Games but when i plug it in where the headset symbol is it doesnt work, which is usually where i plug it into for my other monitors and the sound works fine.

I don’t see RCA audio in on any of the ASUS monitors I’m looking at. Maybe I’m missing something.

Also, is there any reason why you aren’t using HDMI?

i bought this one ASUS MS246H Ultra-Slim 23.6-Inch Wide LCD Monitor -Black/White: Computer & Accessories. sorry im very bad when it comes to computers.

That monitor doesn’t appear to have RCA ins either. You won’t get audio over normal VGA.

Is there any reason you aren’t using HDMI?

i have no idea how to use it or where to plug it in, the hdmi cable that came with it has a big white computer plug thing at the end and i dont have a computer near me. do i need to get a hdmi cable with the same sides like this? HDMI Cable 2M (6 Feet): Electronics. i never really used hdmi before.

According to the tech specs at the Asus site, the mini jack on the back only works in HDMI mode (and is output, not input). The included cable is DVI to HDMI, not HDMI. Just get an HDMI cable.

I personally don’t really recommend that monitor line either, but that’s up to you.

thank you so much for the help man and can you help me with one more thing, the hdmi component thing on my xbox is blocked when i have the other big ass plugs that come with the xbox(i think its the one that causes the screen or sound to appear?) if i put an hdmi instead of the other plug will it still show the screen/sound?

HDMI is HD video and audio in one cable. All you need coming out of your Xbox is that and the power cord.

HDMI is the only cable to carry over Video / Audio
So yes if you use HDMI you can carry over both audio / video.
However i didnt read this whole thread read your last question so hoepfully this answers that if i missed something sorry just reply and i will reply back

alright that’s all i needed to know, thank you guys so much for your help.

What do you recommend?