Asus 232H monitor HDMI to 360 prob

i just got an asus 232h monitor and when i connect my 360 to it by the hdmi input it will not read it. i get no image and no sound. But if the monitor is on standby (orange light) while on the hdmi input, when i start my 360 it kicks it off standby mode to search for the device thats inputing through the hdmi. any help would be nice though im figuring its a problem with the hdmi receiver inside the monitor


Will the 360 work through HDMI on another screen? Have you tried a regular HDTV through hdmi and seeing if that works first?

I haven’t set up a 360 through HDMI so I’m unsure if it autodetects like the ps3, but maybe you also need to set in in the video settings menu.

Xbox should auto detect like PS3 (PS3 when first released didnt auto detect and pissed alot of people off, had to switch from RCA/component to HDMI in settings, then manually switch the cables)

Anyways, msot current Asus monitors have a input selection menu such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc. If yours has one, change it to HDMI.

Have you double checked to make sure the cable is ok?

Have you tried using another device that outputs HDMI to the monitor? For instance, your computer?

yes i have it on hdmi input, yes my 360 has been connected to my 1080p samsung tv by hdmi and works fine, yes i have checked the chord and tried a second cored and retried both of those chords on my tv, and yes i have tried another hdmi device on the monitor and that to did not work.
any other ideas? im really thinking its the hdmi port is messed up in the monitor but if there are any other ideas id be glad to hear them

Try a cheap HDMI to DVI connector and see if it works. If the HDMI port is fried on the monitor, the DVI should work.

I have thought of that but then i wont have any sound which would suck too. guess it would be worth at least having it work though until i can get the hdmi port fixed.

In that case, I would try and get it repaired/replaced under warranty if you are still within the warranty period. I have a 236H and have no problems with HDMI input.