Astro city parts?

hey all, im gonna buy a new stick and i want it to be as similar/close as an astro city as possible!

first of all, does anyone knows what exactly an astro city got in them? ive heared the joystick is either sanwa or/and seimitsu (ive heared its 50/50). does anyone knows exactly what model or whatever of stick the sanwa/seimutsu has in the astros? mechanical 4ways is all i know, whats the rest?

the buttons aint that important but ive heared its sanwa buttons, more important would be the layout on the astros which is “jap arc” (like on the SC2 stick).

if i auda buy a none-custom made stick, isnt the HRAP2 and/or RAP-Tekken5 stick as close to an astro i can get? and if i auda buy a custom made, does anyone knows exactly what joystick(model name, trademark etc…) and buttons i should have? thanks! /lou

Astro city usally comes in all seimitsu parts and the buttons are screw in. Blast city is usally sanwa parts.

I think this stick is the closest to a astro city:

Theres two currently on ebay:

The hrap2 is also a good noncustom choice (note: hraps in picture are modded with jlf-tp-8yt’s and osbf-30’s)

You can get it here. Hurry they wont last long

Any individual owner can have any number of different configurations for there astro panel. Me personally is use sanwa jlf-tp-8y’s. osbf-30’s and seimitsu ls-32’s in my joysticks. Search the forum and you will see a lot if not most people use these same parts.

Chickadee, what game is that on the left monitor???
Looks interesting…

Gunbird 2:

Lots fun, if you like Psikyo shooters.

ooh, gunbird has great art… I’m too busy with my danmaku though :frowning: