Astro City, New Astro City, Candy Cabinet 100 Yen Sticker/Decal Reproductions


With all the headaches and going thru this and that, I finally got me a reproduced 100 Yen Sticker for the Astro and New Astro City Candy Cabinets.

Take a look
I would say its about 99% close match to the original NOS sticker.
I am very picky and very meticulous about these things and even I am pretty impressed with the reproduction.

Yes these REPRODUCTIONS are actual plastic/polycarbonite stickers, kinda like credit cards and NOT Vinyl or paper.
They even use the same 3M adhesive as the original.
The black area even has the glittery look just like the original.
Dimensions/size exactly the same as the original.

If I had any gripes about these REPRODUCTIONS, it would maybe be that the green and the silver are not as dark as the original but the difference is very minimal and not everyone will see it but the match is close.
Also there may be a slight differentiation in the thickness of the letters and spacing on some letters on the INSERT COIN font which is very minimal. I may try to remedy this font issue if I can.

In the pictures below, the top left one is a NOS Sticker I gotten a while back and the one on the right is a reproduction with its protective layer removed and the one on the bottom is a reproduction with its protective plastic layer still intact.
I did it just for comparision.

Let me know what you think and if you would be interested in these REPRODUCTIONS.
If I decide on selling em I will price it lower than what I purchased a NOS sticker a while back but it will not be cheap like a vinyl sticker.
If I can generate enough interest I will take emails and make a list.
Thanks for looking.

You should post this in Trading outlet as an interest check

I tried to move it but it looks like because it was a duplicate and maybe violated some rules it was deleted… i’ll just keep it here…

I’m down for one.

Well here is the new revision to the reproduction

I must say its not 100% perfect but its close enough.
I don’t think I will be able to get it 100% but I am satisfied enough with the results.

They will be about $22 with shipping included worldwide.
If you want more than 1, pricing is $22 for the first and rest will be $20.

If you are interested in one email me at with your first and last name (email you want me to reply back to you at). Make sure you title it Astro City Yen Sticker. Also please let me know how many you would like.

I will only take paypal for now.

Do not send payment yet, I will email you back when they are ready for purchase which will be very soon.

Thanks for looking…

After some feedback I decided to lower the price for each at $22 Shipped.

Is this a scratch & sniff sticker? I want the used pantsu scent!

If I could make it pantsu scent and patent it I would make a fortune… lol

I will have more 100 Yen Decals available in a week…

I’ll reemail those who were interested…

I now have some more stock of the 100 Yen Decals.

If you are interested, now the time to order them.

Let me know

Thanks for looking.