Astro City due to arrive!

Hi guys,

im pretty new here and have been reading various posts for info for some time.
im approx 3 weeks from receiving a reconditioned astro city. im 37 but feel like a 10 year old on christmas eve! I am buying it from Neo Legend in france - seem pretty cool guys who answered any question i threw at them (although pretty basic questions it was refreshingly assuring!)

my question is… is there anything i should be aware of when i receive this system? things i need to double check?
(im going to have to dismantle it due to it being around 3cm too wide for the upstairs door - not good, so any tips on this are very much welcome!)

cant wait - after around 25 years of playing various versions of street fighter and always striving for the best set-up, im about to have the ultimate! (IMO)


welcome to SRK

arcade cab questions = tech talk


Congrats on your Astro City, when you get it post up here. Actually it will probably be good idea to post in this thread as has a lot of arcade enthusiast in there if you have questions

That would be a Capcom Impress or a Q’25, Astro Cities have shitty sound so no Q sound for you, AC/NAC is a cab that I consider suitable mainly for retro games, (80’s mid 90’s) but not for Neogeo, CPS2 etc.
Sega started to save money when they released the Astro City line, its predecessor, the Sega “Aero City” is a much higher quality piece of hardware IMO.

I hope that your cab comes with a 2L12B panel already included otherwise it will be a PIA to source one, neither Sanwa or Seimitsu produce these anymore.

Nice haul nevertheless.

It is not too hard to convert the cab to stereo, some boards to Stereo.
the CPS2 and some NEO GEO boards do stereo

A 2L12b panel shouldn’t be that hard to source. Lots of people are selling old original panels. You also get new reproductions made. Congrats on the cabinet. Welcome to the club.

Hey guys,

I’m expecting to receive some pics early next week (pre refurb I suspect). I’ll post them up when I get them.

Voldom: other cabs I guess maybe better built but I guess the whole retro angle is a combo of nostalgia and quality. For me, it was the astro that I played on when in japan on my honeymoon (yes, an understanding wife indeed!). As long as the sticks and buttons feel nice I know I’m gonna be a happy gamer.