AstralHeat.Com Bi-Weekly Tournaments (PSN/XBL)


When signing up for tournaments, make sure you select the proper event! (PSN or XBL)
Because of latency and scheduling issues, tournaments are open to NORTH AMERICAN PLAYERS ONLY.


Tournaments begins on Monday and will run till the end of the next week on Friday. Each round of the tournament will last for a total of 48 hours. So if a round begins on Monday at 12:00 PM, it ends on Wednesday at 11:59 AM. You as a player, are responsible for getting in contact with your opponent and determining a time to play your match. The winner is required to report their scores to the tournament organizer. Should a winner fail to report their scores to the tournament organizer, or if neither player gets in contact with the other before the designated 48 hours are up, the winner will be decided by coin flip.

Example Schedule for a 64-man Bracket: (brackets could be bigger or smaller)
[]Round 1: Monday, 12:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST)
Players have until Wednesday, 11:59 AM GMT to play and report their scores.
]Round 2: Wednesday, 12:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST)
Players have until Friday, 11:59 AM GMT to play and report their scores.
[]Round 3: Friday, 12:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST)
Players have until Sunday, 11:59 AM GMT to play and report their scores.
]Round 4: Sunday, 12:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST)
Players have until Tuesday, 11:59 AM GMT to play and report their scores.
[]Round 5 (Semis): Tuesday, 12:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST)
Players have until Thursday, 11:59 AM GMT to play and report their scores.
]Round 6 (Finals): Thursday, 12:00 PM GMT (7:00 AM EST / 4:00 AM PST)
Players have until Saturday, 11:59 AM GMT to play and report their scores.
[/LIST]You are not required to wait till the start time of a round to play your match. If you know who your opponent is going to be, and your opponent agrees to it, you can play your match in advance; as long as your match is played and reported before the 48 hour time limit. All players must arrange match times at reasonable hours, or a time agreed to by the opponent. Should a player fail to show for a match, the opponent can report the situation and an administrator will make a decision. Score disputes will be handled similary.


It is the responsibility of the winner to report their scores to the tournament organizers. Players should submit their scores at AstralHeat.Com, in the following format: This format makes it easier for the administrators. The results will be processed and an administrator will proceed the brackets when they can. Be sure to remember the [noparse]

[/noparse] tag!


**PLAYERS:** Player1 VS Player 2
**ROUND:** Round 1
**WINNER:** Player2 (2-1)


Tournament results will automatically rank players into a built in results based ranking system. Players can also challenge other players in our [ELO Ranking Ladder System]( These ELO ladders are seperate from the tournament system and are based on the ranks of your opponents. The ELO ladders are seperated by console and platform.

[*]Single Elimination Tournament (limitations of this script)
[*]Sets consist of 2/3 Matches in the preliminary rounds
[*]Sets consist of 3/5 Matches in the grand final round
[*]Matches consist of 2/3 Rounds in all sets
[*]Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
[*]Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
[*]**BANNED: Unlimited Mode & Easy Specials**
[*]In the event of a rule violation stop the match immediately and discuss the situation with the opponent and/or the tournament administrator. If you continue to play, you are essentially validating the rule break and permitting it.
**When signing up for tournaments, make sure you select the proper event! (PSN or XBL)**
**Because of latency and scheduling issues, tournaments are open to NORTH AMERICAN PLAYERS ONLY.**


Signups for the second round of ranking battles have begun. Signups close on August 27.


Shameless Plug… AstralHeat.Com

Not sure if I’m allowed to make this post, some forums allow it, some don’t. So if SRK doesn’t, I wont hold it against anybody if they delete this thread and give me an infraction…

After the success of 8WayRun.Com, and the obvious growing interest in BlazBlue; we have decided to go ahead and make a brand new gaming community dedicated JUST to BlazBlue. Yes, there are other websites out there with lots of BlazBlue information, but we hope to bring you more than just a forum where the community resides. We want to create a forum that gets NEW players to the community and helps expand the scene. So without further ado, let me discuss the features offered on this website, besides a forum.

Full Featured Tournament Event Planning
While most communities have a basic tournament announcement forum, ours is much more than that. Events added to the tournament announcement forum are automatically dated and added to the Event Calendar. Upcoming events are automatically pinned to the top of tournament announcement forum, until it passes. As well as the calendar, each event thread has a built in RSVP system! Players can keep tournament organizers and others updated on the status of their attendance, as well as how many guests they will be bringing. RSVP’d players will get a reminder by email of upcoming events.

Bi-Weekly Online Tournaments and Ladder
Starting next Monday, AstralHeat.Com will be running Bi-Weekly Online Tournaments on both XBL and PSN. By now we have all seen that the netcode for BlazBlue is something to behold. Hopefully running these consistant tournaments will atract new players to the community. In addition to these bi-weekly online tournaments, we have a voluntary challenge system where players can sign up and challenge other players within the system. Players will automatically gain or lose points based on ELO Ranking System. Winners of these weekly tournaments will get a free one month premium membership subscription.

Categorized and Searchable Video Directory
One of the most unique things we offer here at, is our own Video Directory! While normally you would have to wade through the endless horde of useless and amateur videos on youtube, you can instead find them easier here. The video directory supports youtube and several other big video services. Videos can be added to the video directory in both standard definition and high definition, and tagged by their characters for easier searching; videos can also be placed into several different categories. For more information and help with adding videos, be sure to read the video uploading guidelines.

BlazBlue ATP Based Entry Ranking System
Something that no other BlazBlue site offers: a Ranking Ladder for OFFLINE tournaments based on the Assosciation of Tennis Professionals! Tournament organizers can submit the results of their tournaments, and the players who attended their events will automatically earn points and get ranked against other players. A player’s rank is calculated using their best scores within a specified time period. Stronger players are not penalized because they had a “bad day”, and weaker players are not rewarded by attending the most events. Tournament organizers should read the ranking ladder guidelines for more information.

Java Based Addonchat Chatroom
This chatroom costs me over $140 a year to maintain, so for now, we will be sharing the chatroom with 8WayRun.Com. If support for this website grows, the community gets big enough and we get enough premium membership signups, we will purchase a chatroom just for AstralHeat.Com; until then, you must have an account at 8WayRun.Com in order to log into the chatroom. Many players use this chatroom to not only discuss in game mechanics and strategy, but to also easily find opponents to play against online. Right now BlazBlue is an extremely popular topic and thats all people are talking about.

Premium Membership Advantages
As I already hinted at before, there is a premium membership option here at AstralHeat.Com. Advertisements don’t pay much, so premium memberships are pretty much the only source of income keeping this website up. Premium members get several bonus: the lax-moderated premium members forum, the removal of advertisements, public and private picture albums, larger and animated avatars, the ability to use signature images, the ability to create social groups, custom profile pages and user titles, as well as getting a gold star on their posts. You can become a premium member for $2 a month, or $20 a year.

Forum rules

Just leave the link in your sig IMO.

Alright… I completely understand…

What about this tournament announcement thread? Can I still keep this thread up? I won’t be making a new thread every week, just a post in this thread giving links to the new signups whenever they open.

I would put it in the tournament announcement section, but people here on SRK get EXTREMELY uptight when they see a tournament that has nothing to do with Street Fighter…


As you can see, I’m letting this one stay open. Just no multiple threads is all. No problems with this one as long as you consolidate everything you want in here.

Cool… thanks.

So, despite giving you crap for your other thread. I’m actually very interested in the tournament and glad you posted the announcement here, I probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

Wow, good stuff man

can’t wait till monday.

Only 1 week left to sign up!

Very awesome signed up, cant wait til Monday.

Brackets for the second round are up… but it doesn’t officially start till Monday…

Signups for round 3 will begin on Monday.

Oh I didn’t realize haha, I already fought my first opponent actually.

i signed up for site =P

Aww, no more room. :sadface:

Tourney #2 has officially begun… Signups for #3 have begun…


Is signing up for both PS3 and XBL allowed?

If you have both consoles… sure.

What about if im not in the USA but i can play at the time’s you request?

Is round 3 avaible?

Tourney #3 has officially begun… Signups for #4 have begun…