Astral Vision stick spam vs pad spam

Is it easier to Astral Vision spam on a pad or stick? Been practicing on a pad but I suffer extreme pain after about 10 minutes. Wondering if it’s easier on a stick and less painful of course

For what it’s worth…I started out playing fighting games on a pad for most of my life. I’ve been using an arcade stick for about 2 years now. I still do the astral vision spam better on the pad than the stick.

Practice, practice…and more practice will get you there.

Do you think it would be easier to use the arcade stick if you are left handed?

I’m a lefty so I might have an advantage handling the joystick… I’m just on the fence about getting an arcade stick or not

I’m lefty and i wouldnt say that it has helped me with playing arcade stick for what its worth.

i astral spam on the pad just fine; lag is a different story lol.
i use the joystick on the pad, not the directional pad.

For the spam motions, should I go for:
:qcf::l: , :hcb: :s:, :hcf: :h:, :hcb: :s:, :a1:…etc
or :qcf: :l:, :qcb: :s:, :qcf: :h:?
Would it be more reliable to go back into neutral after each Soul Fist or make boats til i’m blue in the face?
Using a stick btw

I make boats (teehee). I don’t think I’ve even tried going back to neutral :open_mouth:

Thanks, i’ll try focusing on that then. I’ve been bouncing back and forth on both methods and one would work then fall off when i get into the rhythm and the other just wasnt consistant so i had to ask. I’ll just have to practice the one way then.

I always let it snap back to neutral, but I may be the only one.

I let it go to neutral. It just takes a different mindset to make it work. You can’t let it all get jumbled. It’s just a bunch of segments of movements. Superjumps are easy to us now, right? We just on the fly press down up, no problem. You just have to break certain actions into a level of simplicity akin to just pressing down. The moment you get flustered or feel rushed, you will fall apart. Just practice things slowly over and over again until it becomes mundane.

Ive tried on fight stick and 360 Controller. Ive found fight stick is easier. But just recently ive tried this with a mad catx sfxt pad and WOW. Its legit brain dead easy.

i just got a fight stick and I am finding this difficult. Then again, my interest in fighters is fairly recent so I guess it’s just a matter of practice and getting comfortable with the stick. :slight_smile:

I play both stick and pad, when I started learning to do this it was easier on pad for me and there wasnt any comparing it. Everything looked and felt much cleaner. But I refused to settle with it and just kept at it on the stick, feels natural and smooth at this point.

I’m a pad player and I feel that I should try and pick up Morrigan for my Dorm/Doom team. How does one go about doing the bullet hell?

Do you Unfly after doing the Soul fist in the air or do you press S and land? I’m very much a noob when it comes to Morrigan.

Soul Fist Fly Soul Fist Unfly

Alright much thanks. Last question what Soul fist should I be using on the ground, L or M?

L goes slower, M goes faster. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you switch around em.

I’m just trying to better understand why I would do certain soul fists. Would L be used as a slow lock down and M for chip once I have them trapped?

Sorry I’m coming off as extremely scrubby but I’m trying to immerse myself in the character and really learn how to utilize her to full potential.

You never came off as scrubby at all, don’t say that lol. Morrigan is a very difficult character to learn. To go a little more in-depth about L and M Soul Fist, L travels slowly, so you can use that to cover a long distance approach (full screen). Otherwise, you have the right idea. I use L to start the lock down, and then M once I’m up close to rack up chip faster (I usually come in as I’m chipping). I also use M when I’m trying to pressure people at close range without the use of AV, since it goes a little faster. Some little tips you should keep in mind when it comes to using Soul Fist: When you’re in the air, if a Soul Fist connects with the opponent in the air the slow speed of Soul Fist L and slower fall of the opponent makes it easy to combo off (never be too focused on just spamming, I can guarantee that you will hit someone as they jump to hit or grab you, if you wait a touch before doing another Soul Fist you can dash up and get a combo) You can combo of of M pretty easily too, it just comes out faster. Another is if you play against good opponents, rarely will you be doing a consistent pattern. Try to predict where they will go, a lot of times you’ll get free hits on people who try to superjump and attack, like Zero, Doom, or Wesker (nothin’ more satisfying than jumping over Zero’s buster and smacking him mid Raikousen).

this is a little different of a question. I use pad and have never had problems soul fisting on any kind of PS3. I’d argue to say that my Morrigan is at top level. However, I went to my first tourny yesterday, but it was on XBox. My Morrigan couldn’t fly cancel for shit. Maybe I’ve adapted to the lag on PS3? is there really THAT much of a difference between the two systems?