Assorted SF Fanfiction, aka better than UDON

Hey FFL! So me, @YagamiFire , and @michaelhuey got to talking in the SFV story thead about how good Ryu Final was and how UDON’s representation of the series was rather superficial. I got to thinking that, if the community actually wrote out more chapters as non-canon complements, people could develop more of an interest in the series’ story potential. So anyone is free to contribute to this directory, provided they operate within certain rules:
-Please respect the base source material and don’t completely overwrite games/logic. If you want to take a different game/timeline as canon (SF2 vs SFA3), that’s tolerable, but don’t just make Ryu and Akuma drinking buddies or something like that
-No slash fics. No matter how well written, Oro x Necro x Ingrid is a ship that will never sail.
-This is meant as more universe-centric, so writing all about some OC that does not really exist in Street Fighter is deviating a bit too far imo
-No crossovers; this is straight Street Fighter. That said, Final Fight and other Capcom properties that officially tie into the series are cool.
-This is as much a collection as it is a platform; if there’s some nuggets of gold floating around the depths of the internet, feel free to link it here. However, original submissions are definitely welcome!

So, with these rules out in the open, let’s begin! I’ll be sure to update the OP and reserve posts over time, so stay tuned!

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Should we consider spit-balling a first story arc/direction?

Also I might humbly offer up this…

…as a sort of prologue?

Sure. Where to begin? Pre SF1 if we want to go chronologically, I assume. I wouldn’t touch anything after SF4 right now because Capcom is currently working on that.

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Much better. People can write on who/what they want, and I would classify this as a Gouken v Akuma fight in the OP. I think it would be more productive if everyone wrote on the parts they were most interested in, and such an approach would also cover a lot of ground. I will add that I’m working on a series of Dorai-Li (Chun’s father) and Gen’s final mission, culminating Dorai’s death and setting Chun-Li’s actual story in motion.

Okay maybe we can pitch some ideas? I’d really like for us just to do a story arc post SF4. Who cares what they do in SF5? I also had the beginnings of an idea for a Gen story set in like post-WWII China that would have ties to the Illuminati and events unfolding in the modern day

I guess we can try covering the gap between SF4 and SFV, which is about a year if memory serves. We should focus on characters we each want to write, though. Who would you like to cover? I’ll gladly take Juri or Balrog/Ed.

I am still working on chun’s story. At the moment. Its still in outline form witu me just adding details amd insight.
But seeing dorai’s story would he excellent in jump starting how chun li gets her start.

If it matters, the story takes place several years before SF1. FANG appears in act 1, and later parts also cover Juri’s story as part of Dorai-Li’s investigation. Some things I have assumed (that you can disprove if you know better)
-Dorai goes missing before SF1 (since Chun-Li begins her investigation in Alpha 1)
-Gen, Dorai, and Lee are all pretty good friends
-The Nguuhao have been operating for a fairly long time
-Bison kidnaps the dolls around this time
-Juri’s family also dies around here
-Balrog and Sagat have not joined Shadowloo yet; Vega may or may not be a part
-Gen was working with Dorai (mostly a creative liberty)

I would suggest that, perhaps, Dorai is investigating Shadaloo (who is in the shadows during SF1 Monitor-Cyborg style) and Shadaloo hires Gen to kill Dorai (who is operating undercover with a different name). Gen makes a move against Dorai but recognizes, in his style, that he met him as a much younger man (perhaps 20 years earlier when Lee & Dorai were the Ken & Ryu of their day) and knows he the sort of guy that should live and is virtuous. This could start Gen’s move towards softening a bit in his later years.

Gen’s refusal to eliminate Dorai could also be what triggers Vega to step up and demand the opportunity to prove himself as the premiere assassin in Shadaloo (since all others have failed and Gen quit the job). Bison would finally allow it, leading to Vega vs. Dorai.

This sets up some good fights. Potentially Dorai vs. Lee since Lee is part of the SF1 tournie & Dorai suspects Shadaloo is around the periphery of it…they could have a friendly match. Gen vs. Dorai is obvious. Perhaps even Gen vs. Lee before that when Gen comes looking for Dorai. Then, of course, Vega vs Dorai

I enjoy writing Balrog but I hate making him the one-dimensional idiot the newer games have shown him as. I like his characterization in something like SFII Animated Movie far more. I like writing Vega as well and Bison (or Shadaloo in general) and some of the more off-beat characters like Dee Jay, etc. Honestly, I like most of the characters in one respect or another.

Well, even if you go a few years before SF1, Gen is still old as dirt and retired from being an assassin, though. Dorai treats Gen as a contact to the criminal underworld, and Gen accompanies him because Dorai is bound to run into someone capable of killing him in battle one way or another. One way to think of it would be a sort of Kung-Fu buddy cop story, with Dorai being the good cop and Gen as the bad cop. Lee, who is raising Yun/Yang during this time period while he runs a restaurant, agrees to look after Chun-Li in Dorai’s absence and arrange a funeral if necessary.

I’m not sure how exactly Bison killed Juri’s parents or Dorai, honestly. I don’t know if he was personally involved like how he killed Nash, or if he had someone do it for him. Juri doesn’t seem to know Vega, so he was probably not involved. Maybe the dolls (which explains her hatred for Cammy and her sisters), but I’m leaning toward the following situation:


-Juri and her parents are driving home from a junior Taekwondo tournament that she won.
-A helicopter emerges from the sky, with Bison watching from the passenger area.
-When the helicopter draws close, Bison headstomps onto the car’s hood, sending the vehicle flying.
-Juri comes to in the wrecked vehicle, a glass shard from the car’s windows embedded in her eye.
-She barely sees Bison holding her father by the skull.
-“Mr.Han, you were warned of the price paid by those who stand against Shadowloo. Look around you as all you own and love, burns. Take that image, that dread with you … all the way to hell!”
-Bison does the “Psycho punch to the stomach” he’s done against Rose and Nash, then throws his limp corpse to the curb.
-Juri passes out, and wakes up in a hospital.

But yeah, Vega’s going to show up, but gets his ass beat by Dorai; a defeat he remembers in Chun-Li’s SFV prologue.

Yeah. I was hoping to have Balrog and Ed bond, which partly explains why he’s such an ass in Nash’s prologue. Hopefully, Capcom reads this and we get Ed AKA “Shin Little Mac” in SF6.

I’d think Bison personally doing stuff with people like Juri diminishes him. He doesn’t seem the type to need to get involved with that sort of thing…it’s beneath him. Charlie was the #1 US guy hunting him down and he was outright annoyed that this guy reached him. Bison’s got shit to do! Can’t be dealing with pests. Bison doing less directly maintains mystique about him for when he finally throws down as well.

Dorai beating Vega seems a bit strange since it’s always heavily hinted (sometimes stated) that he killed him. Plus, narratively, it diminishes Chun-Li. If Vega killed her dad, it makes a nice arc for her to face him. If Dorai beat him, her doing the same is just retreading ground. Plus, it seems pretty clear Chun is supposed to be > her dad and Vega is generally portrayed as either = to or > Chun-Li.

I seriously hope Balrog & Ed have a coach/trainee relationship. Such a great opportunity to develop Balrog into something not totally annoying.

Is Chun supposed to be greater than her father, though? I mean, I interpreted Seth’s spin kick special as being Dorai’s version of Lightning Legs, done so fast his kicks cannot be seen by the naked eye. Capcom’s been so vague with the details that we really only know he was investigating Shadowloo when he died; not even his name is canon.

Though I could imagine having Vega kill Dorai instead of Bison. At least the fight would have some tension, rather than Dorai just getting steamrolled by Bison.

I think Seth’s version of the kick is just a different application of the same technique. Either way, I’d say it’s probably a given that Chun-Li is supposed to be stronger than Dorai. It’d be a bizarre story-telling fail to have it be otherwise…especially since she’s pursuing her fathers killers. Also, regarding Seth, his lightning leg is not objectively better and Chun-Li has objectively stronger applications of the technique via her super versions…so there’s that to consider.

As you said, Vega vs. Dorai is also more tense than Bison just rofltstomping him

I agree with you that a fight would be more intense and interesting than Bison just demolishing him. However, Isn’t canon that M. Bison is the one who kills Dorai? So maybe vega and dorai have a close fight, but Bison is the one who executes him?