Assistfinites, add some salt to your pringles

we all know how to keep assists in with ease in mvc2. but i’m sure a lot of you have noticed the difference with when characters in this installment can be hit and abused. i’m starting this thread to further discuss how to further abuse a careless assisted character with more technical means than simply hitting them with a basic combo.

i haven’t played this game enough to really understand the hit frames on assists on what not, but i have noticed a few things. if you have a character that can cancel L into L repeatedly there is potential for infinites on assists after hitting them with certain attacks that cause either a bounce or possibly otg option or if the assist itself brings the character into the air. this is already a given though for some people here. the important part to this is that I’ve noticed when you manage to get behind an opponents assist and still hit them with physical attacks that cause knockback, they push you forwards the way you are facing. this can be used to apply further pressure with canceling L into L creating a double infinite, or at least loop for an extended period of time hitting both your opponent (in front of you) and their assist (behind you). if you think the opponent is going to eventually fall out of your L combo, use a snap back and continue to L their assist to death.

setting this up is a little trickier than just a snap back then icecream covered pringles since you need their assist behind you and catching an opponents assist in this game till boggles the mind sometimes. one setup to mention though, felicia using cat spike or rolling slide to both catch the assist and bypass it granted it doesn’t hit you, then hope they (being the actual player) get hit by the following L loop. if they don’t, and block the Ls’ they should have to AG to push you off since the assist character is pushing you forward into them. the amount of knockback on each character may be different sort of like a characters weight, but idk. so that could be another factor to consider. also don’t know whether it’s better for the opponent’s assist to be grounded or air born for such loops.

i had chun-li’s lighting kicks do this once except the player was behind me and assist in front of me. i got pushed forward the way i was facing while the kicks were hitting both characters. after 60 something kicks the player recovered in the air dashed into chun, and the hit box in her ass picked him back off the ground for another 4 or 5 seconds…dat ass :hitit: if it wasn’t hitting me first