Assembling back a Hori Hayabusa stick. Assistance needed

Hello, I’m an owner of a Hori REAL ARCADE PRO.V HAYABUSA for Playstation 4 & Playstation 3, and for the longest time I wanted to the replace the standard spring that comes with the REAL ARCADE PRO.V HAYABUSA for a 2lb spring. Well, I did that but I happen to run into a major issue that I can’t figure what went wrong or what I did wrong. As you can see in the picture, the arcade shaft is much lower that what it actually should be (as if there isn’t anything to keep on place) and sinks down. I can’t even hold the stick properly at all. Now, I had tried numerous times taking the stick apart and reassembling it together to no avail. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks.

While I’m not familiar with the Hayabusa, it looks like you put on the pieces in the wrong order. The round, half sphere should be the first piece on the shaft before you put the shaft into the top of the panel. Just watch this video and use the similar pieces. The construction should be pretty much identical.


Yeah, you put the pivot in the wrong place. When you the pieces onto the stick shaft it goes in this order:

Pivot (goes into stick assembly), then dust cover (optional, if you have two of them), then on the underside, spring cover, spring, actuator, E-clip.

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