Asking the FGC to help me stay a family man

I am reaching out to all the FGC for help keep my little girl. Her grandmother is suing us for custody. Our girl was abused by them and we cut visitation from them like anyone would do. They responded to us by suing us. They have a weak case and we have the upper hand in the matter, but lack the money to cover our fees at this point. This women is nuts and claims to be a Vampire in real life. We need the help spreading our “Gofundme” page online. Donations are welcomed, but sharing this on your Facebooks and Tweeting is just as good. Our community is huge and I’m sure people here can help us.

This is our link to the page. The details of our case unlike anything you have read before. Links on the page will show you the proof of our Vampire claim. For the few that will help us thank you.

Is this daBoog’s alt?
Sounds legit…

What right does the grandmother think she has over your child? Don’t think we’re getting the full story here.

Edit: Reading the gofundme page

Why not just show the judge a copy of the Tyra Banks show?

People don’t automatically get custody just because they are suing for it. They would need to have serious evidence that you were abusing your child for any of this to be an issue.

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We had a crazy story thread news link once that I turned into some FGC of SRK GD that a lady abusing her kid in front of weirdo voyeurs should be beat up by Sagat as played by Snake’s mom. You gotta hope nobody else has to go thru that for sure.

Good luck.

We are going to use it. We have found a lot more on her as well, but it should shut her down in court.

It’s just easier to post the link than explain it all.

ask @NickRocks how he does it .

dab00g had a donation thread that didn’t go so far because of his general demeanor towards anybody around here and everything really as a crabby dude. Like even insulted some guy for no reason the same day (or at the same time as the thread was made) and that guy countered-clapped back with the thread details to make a lv 3 Hyper Combo “Your Mom Joke”

Found the crazy story thread I was talking about too. Ugh.

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If it weren’t for the legal battle I’m having to fight in my own life, I’d add to the funds. I know how rough it can get.

But I’m hoping you can get through this with your child.

What? What is the lawsuit? What exactly are they suing you for? This doesn’t seem like a ‘thing’.

I don’t think you need to hire a lawyer for a case that doesn’t make any sense in the first place. Unless you have done something illegal (and you said “the CPS investigator found her claims against me unsubstantiated”), you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

It takes A LOT of shit for the courts to take your kid away. Just represent yourself, go to court, tilt the chair back, kick your feet up on the table, and watch the judge laugh away this ridiculous case.

$5,000? I can solve your problem for under $10.

You can send the other $4,990 to me to compensate for my brilliance.

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From everything you’ve written, I just don’t see her getting custody or forcing you to pay court costs, even with a good lawyer. But idk, it is Las Vegas. Being an otherkin vampire out there could actually work in her favor.

The lawsuit is for custody of our little girl. She demonstrated to her Mom a form of abuse they did to her. She doesn’t understand what they were doing was bad. We didn’t call the police for a few reasons. We don’t know how long this has been going on. At the time we were going to move to another city and cutting off the visitation was the better thing to do. We didn’t have physical evidence as well. After we met with the grandparent and cut her off she sued us.

Actually a few otherkin that have popped up don’t like this kind of stuff. She makes them look bad.

How did the grandma get custody? How did you lose custody before getting her back?

Are you on drugs? Are you a scumbag? Did you go to jail before? Why would a crazy person have custody of your children and have a case if you weren’t a fuck up

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He knew his kid was being abused by her grandma and didn’t even call the cops, child protective services, etc. Something is fucked up here…