Ask something about the yoga fire setup

When playing with some dhalsims I’ll stay defensive when I get a lead.But I’m quite messed by the yoga fire setup& teleport.Then I found some solutions they seem to have a problem dealing with.If the fireball and teleport are linked perfect,I can still just block.But if the fireball disappear first or teleport a bit of early,I can use a headstomp to avoid his attack and if he teleport in a higher height,he’ll be knock down.Or at least he eat the chip damage.If he teleport without a fireball,I’ll deal him with c.hp or holding downback and hit back+hp after the teleport on reaction.If he teleport in front of me he’ll eat a s.hp while a PC will crush him if he teleport to my back.Does this strategy have any big weaknesses?Why haven’t I seen them in Bison vs Dhalsim videos…and top players don’t use them?

Stop making new threads every time you have a question.

Sorry about that…so do you mean posting a reply on the match-up thread is better?

Yeah post questions generally to the Q&A or the matchup threads.

I understand the threads get hard to read, but at least the clutter is contained to a thread instead of all over the forum. Hopefully someone will step in to answer your question.

Got it.I’m just used to be in the Chinese forum.There posting new threads is encouraged and Q&A just collect some links.But very few Bison players are active in that forum so I looked for help here…