Ask (a noob/scrub) CvS2 questions

OK, Ok, ok… I know buk already has the ask questions thread but this thread is getting at something totally different. My hope is that by contrasting what a scrub like me thinks on certain issues, to what an established player like buk thinks on certain questions can provide a useful contrast for us all.

So go ahead and ask me questions.

At what point does a scrub become a tru playa?

What is that in your avatar? Shit’s been there for years and I still don’t know what it is.

With Ryu/Ken/Akuma (Shotos proper), do you ever use fireballs to zone or to play footsies? If so, what do you do to discourage opponents from jumping over them or rolling through them?

Shin Ace:

  1. I would say that scrub becomes a (tru) player once he steps outside of his little circle of friends and finds a bigger field of play.

Sirlin probably said it best… and Ill reference him here.
A scrub becomes a player when he realizes “that a game is a topological landscape with lots of hills and peaks that represent different tactics/strategies/characters” (paraphrase from “”)

In my case after reading the cited article by Sirlin, I decided to become “serous” about street fighter. For me, my eyes were opened, and I made a couscous effort to get better at a game I liked playing, there fore: consciously trying to get better at a game is a requirement for making a transition from scrub to player. What say you?

  1. My avatar has a picture of a pink giraffe. Although some people believe it to be a cow, or baby cow, I was told that it was a baby giraffe when it was given to me (valentines day 04, by a mildly special female). In joking I suggested that I would take a picture of the cute little rascal (who I call the mascot64) and put it at the end of all my videos, as a spoof on the cat that appeared on all’s videos. Since then i have gotten numerous request to remove the mascot64 from my site, and from my videos, but I think its rather funny. Yes I am aware of the homoerotic nature of the stuffed animal, but I dont really care about that since its funny. It might help if you saw a complete picture of the doll, you can find one at


  1. First of all a major shout out to you dude because if it werent for your site my site either would not exist (as it does) or it would look totally different. So thanks to you for making your site and doing everything you have for the community, and also thanks to you for having the nice website layout which I saw, fell in love with and then stole (+ afew modifications that many web-surfers find annoying).

  2. In answer to your question, when I play shotos (Ryu/Ken/Akuma) I do use fireballs to zone and to play footsies. Your question about discouraging opponents from evading my fireballs combines two issue one is: Controlling Space the other is: Yomi Layers.
    Naturally, if an opponent realized what I am doing they will attempt to counter my fireball by evading it. Since I realize this, either before hand or after they have done it, I have to adapt my game play to account for their evasive tactics. What this means is: when I throw a fireball I only do so if I am in a position to punish the most likely evasive tactic my opponent is likely to do. If my opponent is likely to roll I throw the fireball at such a distance and a speed that will allow me to recover before they have time to complete their roll. At which point I either throw them before their roll completes or do the most high damage bread and butter combo that I know. What say you?

This issue is addressed in detail on Sirlins website and right here on SRK, I would highly suggest people read the articles about Yomi Layes on and the article on Controlling space in SRKs articles section (although that link may be broken :tdown:).

What happened to C groove ryu/ken/blanka r2… that was a buff team. :karate:

It has C-Ryu in it, that’s what happened :rolleyes:.

No D:
I have changed my grove and characters drastically over the years. Each time, I did so looking to understand a different aspect of the game. I was told by Chesemaster and a few other local players that that in order to play ryu and ken well in C-grove you needed to have more than good execution. Mainly, you needed to be able to hit short3x into super. Since I really cant do that I changed my team, and tried to strengthen my ground game a bit more. My current real team is Ken, Sagat (who I dont like playing) and Blanka. Back just before evo2k4 I was working with cammy and chunli for the same reasons. My goal back then was mainly to make my opponent whiff moves and punish with cammys/chunli;s pokes into supers. That really havent worked out for me though… because I still havent really learned how to buffer, furthermore my reaction time detecting hits is a bit slow, so really indeed to practice these things but I lack time most of the time.

You think C-ryu is that bad if you want to. But i basicly droped ryu because his lack of pokes that i’m comfertable with. As you can see he was replace with cammy, chung, and sagat. Perhaps i’ll try him agin.

I don’t hate on Ryu cuase I like too, I’m actually a Ryu fanboy lol. I still use him all the time, and will continue to do so. It’s just that when puch comes to shove Sagat does a much better job in his place, and I don’t like to give out false advice.

P.S. You are completly right about the poking thing, that is his problem. His best poke is Hadouken from the magic distance, which isn’t enough to base you game around, even in conjunction with s.hp,,,, hop kick. That’s what I found out and that’s the conclusion kcxj came to too.

Shotos were never the easy type of poking character. They are patient zoners who whore a good opportunity. They all have good strong and easy combos to capitalize on fuck ups, they have good anti-airs, and they have nice ways to control someone on the ground. It’s not like Sagat where you have stupid shit like c. fierce or s. forward to just attack the guy whenever you want. Not to mention how retarded Cammy’s ground game is. Shotos always will be strong, they just need their own special type of game plan.

Nah, I still use Ryu actually. R2 Ryu --> my favorite character when playing C-shotos. I didn’t know that it was possible to punish midscreen Blanka Balls with late air block, reversal hurricane kick when I said I don’t want to use Ryu anymore. I must of tried it once like a scrub, messed up and just assumed it didn’t work.

Hadouken is a really fast move and I never fully appreciated how good it is until I started learning the range game better.

Hadouken, d.MP, far s.HK anti-air are too good. Plus air hurricane kick lets you run out the clock against the cheap characters too. Ryu even has the best version of the hurricane kick to punish Guile’s Sonic Boom with.

The only thing I don’t like about him is that he’s a little dependant on always having meter to be able to do big damage, although I have played people who are really nasty with the low shorts into hurricane kick combos… Either their hit confirm skills are at a whole other level than mine, they have some secret trick to always catch you standing, or they’re just taking blind guesses. They also use N/K groove too, which I don’t, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Whats the Groove order for Geese, cause He needs RC but on the other hand he doesnt.

Like K-Geese Vs A-Blanka its a hard match due to electricity.

But A on the other hand give him RC and link to CC and counter CC.

Then theres P- Geese which has a mean ground game due to parry.
I would think hop is better then run cause of GC strings and tick throws. and I really dont see a question here but what do you think his best groove order is?

OMG, you can do that?! All this time I’ve been relying on lvl3 reversal fireballs… I mean it still requires you to jump on reaction and chicken block the ball, but nonetheless cool.

On the note of poking with Hadouken, I would find it 10000x more useful if you could use it when dancing. You are restricted to when you can throw it out due to the input of Shoryuken being what it is. This cuases me to be unable to use it anywhere near as efficiently as I could otherwise. Still good, just that thing with the shoryuken input sucks.

As for those hurricane kick comboes, I find that I land them HELLA lot more when I’m playing Ryu in N, S, K, or P. I’m 99% sure it’s to due to having low jump hk, or at least the threat of low jump hk. It forces people to standing block a lot more allowing random medium range xx Hurricane Kick. Also I generally find it easier to crossup standing characters in run grooves, I think becuase rushdown relies less on crossups compared to dash grooves. Any successful crossup on standing characters =, c.lp, xx Hurricane Kick.

I never said Ryu was pathetic, I just think C-Ryu is… but I still use him. He just has bad matchups against popular characters. I never saw what was so good about S-Ryu… tried using him, think I’m just too nub to completly understand it. Dr.B says hes good :confused:.

Every character is good/playable in cvs2.(except that dude with glasses) forget his name.

U should try team Baltimore/Bchun

C groove Vega, Cammy, Sagat… That team is way too broken… no execution needed. :sad:
IF u can JD will play them in K groove. :karate:

Whats the Groove order for Geese, cause He needs RC but on the other hand he doesnt.

I would say that the strongest Geese is the strongest in these groves.

  1. P, His cross up is ridiculous and parry makes trying to anti air him all the more difficult.
  2. K, Guess has quite a bit of life, and against a good k grove player he will have even more. All that to the fact that once he is raged its not so hard to guard break some one biased on his cross up bnbs that do quite a bit of guard damage even when they are blocked. Further more on the ground his standing rh gives quite a few characters trouble epically if the opponent doesnt really know how/ or doesnt have a good way to to deal with that poke.
  3. C, Yes geese has rc in these groves but you can only do rcs on the ground. Furthermore I find that a lot of people (myself included) become so rc dependant that they forget to jump, and become extremely predicable. However air block does do a bit for guess air game, but not as much as parries or just defending.
  4. A-grove comes in just behind c in my opinion because its true that Geese can get off his a-grove combo umpteen different ways, but he has no bonuses in the air. and he cant do the deadly rave super which does a lot of damage if you dont finish it, and instead do one of his bnb’s.
  5. N, 4th because I dont think n gives Geese any great advantages over the other groves. What say you?
    6 S, I put this last manly because Im not educated on s-grove Geese.

Am I still making sense?

well, i play k-shoto. what i do is i throw a lot of fireballs early on. i have to see how the other guy reacts. i want to find out as much information about the other guy in the first few moments before he has meter to do damage.

once you find of figure him out, it should be easy.

Obot I got a tape of casual CVS2 play with LTB owning… like OCV’s/ double dizzy with kyo.
If I could send u a VHS tape… would be able to host them on you site some how? :karate:

yea sure. how much footage do you have? like time wise.

why do people always play Ratio1-R1-R2 instead of R2-R2 or R3-R1? How much health do you get back per round and such?

just know that it is the best way to play competitivly. 1.1.2 dont worry about why.

For competition 1/1/2 makes the most sense.

Would you really want to have money riding on a r1 vs the opponents r2? I think not.

Furthermore r1’s are way over powered not to use them, you know compared to a r3, or r4.

The health you get back is based on how much time if left on the match timer. It varies because different characters have different amounts of health.