Asian women are inferior to Black and White Women(Stay Mad Mods)

Flat faces, no cheekbones
beady little rodent eyes
flat asses, no tits
midget height, stubby legs, pigeontoed
hairy vaginas

Asian women truly are shit. I love how Asians try to make it seem like their women are beautiful via their video games. Weeaboo anime tards think this is what Asian women look like:

Bullshit. This is what asian women really look like:

Deal with it, weeaboo scum.

Btw mods, deleting this and banning me doesn’t make it not true, man up pussy ass weeaboos.

this again???

You are 31?

And still have the mind of a two year old?

That’s… special.

Don’t know why the mods bother deleting this, I’ll just be back in a few seconds and repost it. Mad ass weeaboos with small dicks can’t handle the truth.

CLU 2: loser with an anime av, what a shock. Go defend your trash women elsewhere bitch.