Ash Vs The Evil Dead tv series starring Bruce Campbell. No lollipop, just chainsaw hands

YES! Dat lucy lawless. So good. Premiers on halloween

Ash vs Evil Dead | Official Trailer | STARZ

Gotta love the classic flair this one brings. It’s great they are bringing it back as a series. This year’s TV is getting better and better already.


I was hype thinking this was just a movie at first, when I realized it was a TV series, I lost my marbles.

Tooooooooooooo slow

False. Get links to that shitty thread out of here. My title is better, and so is my gif. lol

FACT: That thread existed first.

FACT: It is the g.o.a.t show. Yours fails to mention this.

You got a point. Although, it goes without saying regarding the goat show, and would be redundant to even mention it in the first place.