Ascii pads??

I’m a dedicated pad user and i need a pad for almost every system lol. Since SFIV is coming out i will be buying the FIGHTPAD or w/e. But i was wondering about systems like PS2 and DC…

I noticed that ASCII pads are like saturns



Anyone had a chance to use one that can give me the heads up?

I know I’ve used these before, but I can’t say I remember being blown away. I kind of remember them being cheapo brands. Although they don’t look all that bad for fighting games at least as far as the layout goes.

There’s a Saturn pad that works on PS2 I think, I’m sure someone else can point you towards a link.

yea but the saturn pad is JUST FOR ps2. I need a controller the same for at least 3 consoles.

I remember wanting one of those but I haven’t personally tried it. If there’s a PS2 version I’d pick that up and get converters for the other systems. If it’s a decent pad I suspect that would be a lot cheaper than trying to find a PS2 Saturn pad.

I have some for the DC. One problem with it is that the part where the wire comes out of the controller is flimsily held together. It seems ok at first, but after some use you may see it start to come apart there.

The biggest problem with it is the pad. I’ve never liked the “saucer” style for control pad. It makes diagonals awkward. What was your favorite type of pad? I’ve played on a wide variety of pads and could give you a comparison if you need it.

Thankx Hotobu!

Well i play on all pads lmao. I can even play on the gamecube pad fine lol…

its just going from one pad to the next requires a 30 minute learning curve for me.

My main pad is prolly the 360 pad or the Dreamcast, but the ps2 pad is the worse pad ever made and takes a whopping 2-3 hours and my thumbs usual hurt afterwards.

hope thats enuf info

there is a gamepad thread. supposedly the ascii for dc is much higher quality parts than its ps2 counterpart.

i have an ascii for ps2 but i use it for emulators. i also have a sega saturn pad. i prefer the saturn pad. although the ascii isnt bad. it just feels different.

Forgive me for doing some shameless self-promoting, but the gamepad thread wjl976 is referring to is right here. I like gamepads a lot too (I’m dually proficient with both stick and pad :wgrin:) and I’ve learned more about pads than I ever thought I needed to know through my starting the thread. Be sure to drop by and give your thoughts on the pad market!

To contribute to the thread however, I personally think that the Saturn or the N64 pads are the greatest things ever for fighting games. 6 face buttons and two available shoulder buttons work wonders. And actually, if you hate the D-pad on the PS2 controllers that much, I’ll just tell you that I’m working on a mod to get a quality D-pad on the PS2 DualShock 2 pads. I’ll let you know my results as soon as I get my hands on a Dremel.

I’ve never used the PS2 Ascii pad but I do own the DC Ascii pad that’s in your pic.
My favourite pad is the Japanese Saturn pad with the Genesis 6 button pad a close second.

Compared to the Sat pad the DC Ascii pad’s d-pad is a little spongey.
I find the d-pad itself is made of slightly softer plastic and tends to twist making diagonals a little harder. It’s not much but when you’re used to the Sat pad you notice. It’s definitely not as precise.

If you can get a PS2 Sat pad then get it.
I missed the opportunity and have regretted it ever since.
I have never used one but everyone says that it is the same build quality, if not better than the original Sat pad and the USB version that was released.
Also, with the proper adaptor, you can use the PS2 version on the DC.
There is a PS2 adaptor option on almost every console released.

Hope that helps.