As SFV "needs some more time", is SFIV a good start for a beginner?

I am heavily attracted by fighting games lately and I wanted to get into them with SFV.

It seems to me now, that SFV needs some more time to ripen, so I thought about, what to do next. I took a look at GG and BB, but it seems to me, I am more into the SF series for unknown reasons. It’s a gut feeling thing.

As SFIV is out for years now I have the feeling I will get my ass kicked for years, if I start now, but if I also learn things I can use in the future, that’s ok with me.

What do you say? Start with an “early access” SFV or get into trouble with SFIV? Can I benefit from what I learn in SFIV some time in the future in SFV?

Not really sure not currently having “Story Mode and Arcade Ladder” have to do to prevent you from learning SFV. Maybe the tutorial is what you are looking for. But How I see it, SFIV is not the same as SFV. I would just practice with SFV and work on things while waiting for additional content.

That’s also my impression from what I read. Besides the name, the franchise and the genre in general, they seem to be a lot different, when it comes to play them.

it seems to me that the majority of SFIV players who are doing well in SFV are doing so because they have been entering tournaments and staying in top form the past six years, not necessarily because they have been playing SFIV.

not much from SFIV seems to carry over aside from the absolute core mechanics (movement and execution). even footsies are radically different in this game.

i’m confused as to why you are concerned about getting your ass handed to you in a game that is already developed, and at the same time not interested in playing SFV because it hasn’t yet developed. better to be at the ground floor and learn with everyone else than try to play catch-up half a year later imo.

Guess what, I had some kind of enlightening right this evening and it fits your comment.

I was thinking about SFV and all the critics it receives. I also was trapped in the common sense if video game expectations.

Take famous and well selling franchises like Call of Duty, FIFA or Assassin’s Creed for example. They release a yearly new version including a season pass and some DLC and are selling like shit. Back in the days when Battlefield 2 released its two DLC everyone was complaining about the death of e-sports. But like in government elections, we forget so fast.

I also was trapped in this new way of video game culture and now there is Capcom, releasing a new version of a formerly 6 years supported franchise and communicating clearly what you get and what it will cost and the whole world is complaining.

They even listened to the people and worked out a way to earn constant money for their efforts without releasing a new game every two years and the people still complain about it.

Instead of honoring their commitment to e-sports, people blame them for their doings.

Sure, you may need to pay another 50$ another year for the new characters, so what? Other franchises expect you to pay another 100$ and the burger shop next door expects you to pay 100$ in 4 weeks for their efforts.

These are my thoughts from tonight and I will start with SFV and invest my time there, since I am pretty sure, it will be there for a few years and I will have my good time with it.

It may not fit the fast paced times we live in and it may not be as easy to consume as the rest, but that’s just what I am looking for. A challenge to beat and not a fast food to consume.

Video game critics/reviewers rarely ever get fighting games right.