As of now, who are you looking to main in Street Fighter V (Straw Poll inside)

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Chun Li in poverty ar 6 percent

Karin and R.Mika seem top tier.

chun-li unless rose makes it in. wifues only

Another poll another closed thread

Vega so high and Bison so low? Kinda surprised here.

Did you forgot what happened to your previous thread, polls are banned for some reason i don’t know for the time.

Don’t be surprised if you get banned.

Anyway, Rashid and Ken

Why are polls not wanted, anyway?

Ask @d3v

The closest answer i got was this and it didn’t explain much.

Ryu, for sure. I’m liking Rashid. Still waiting for the last two characters.

Not really. Fortunately, the charge inputs puts bandwagoners off, and let’s hope it stays that way. Bison doesn’t need that kind of attention from ladder whores.

I don’t think Korra has been announced for SFV yet. I do know her V-Trigger is the Avatar State. It’s kind of OP though. Buffs walk speed, her dash, damage on her elemental attacks…it’s pretty god like.

Waiting on last char. But my first 6 months will be with Gief, so I can learn to sfv.

Aside from being a poll, a thread for this topic already exists. All the more reason to shut it down.

Because some idiots made a bunch of troll poll threads that were flooding the forum.

In this case however, this seems harmless enough, so I’ll let it stay.

I want an ATLA/LOK fighting game.

Very happy that Nash is only 5%. The less mirror matches, the better.

Well, everybody is saying Bison is OP so I thought he would place better. And Vega now is much lower, below Necalli, but still ahead Chun-Li, Nash and Bison. I guess he will be more accessible this time around like you said.

Necalli @ 8%, same as Ryu and Ken. :slight_smile:

Top 3 characters not at all suprising.

On a side note, I would freaking love a Avatar/Legend of Korra FG as long as it was made by a dedicated fighting game dev

SFV: Waifu Edition

Always been Chun-Li, so probably her again.

Unless Rashid proves to be drastically much more fun.