As Decabre is supposed to be russian, is Cammy originaly russian too?

As Decabre is supposed to be russian, is Cammy originaly russian too???

and i think that decabre is the product of Vega stealing the Cammy data in issue # 4 and teaching her the Vega fighting style…

when the whole story will be told?
(that would be a good story instead of that Delta Red one in issue # 12…)

Not having an accent doesn’t mean she’s not Russian. Speech isn’t genetic. It’s learned.

EVERY character in Capcom’s SF from a specific region has that specific region’s accent, ie Zangief is Russian, he has a Russian accent, Dhalsim is Indian, he has an Indain accent, so yes it does mean she is not Russian.

And if she had any nationality it be listed in her official bio anyway.

Not in Cammy’s case, she was a fully grown at birth, and had the abilty to speak as well as had a incredible fighting ability.

TAS is right, Cammy is a clone and hence doesn’t have a nationality as such (i.e. she didn’t ‘grow up’ in a specific country but was formed fully grown in a tube).

I wonder if her DNA is a mix between Bisons and Decapres. The reason I say this is that Decapre was not a clone, but a girl abducted by Shadaloo. We know that Cammy isn’t an exact clone of Bison, and Decapre looks like Cammy a lot. They could have modelled Cammys physical appearences on Decapres body. What do people think?

Mohammed Ali

Wait a minute …

So Cammy was grown?! Then her and that messed up one were grown and the others were stolen from thier homes? Because in the last issue when cammy’s in the tubes she was talking about how Bison was kidnapping young girls from around the globe … i thought she was just stolen…

Yeah, the canon is that all the girls were kidenapped (including Decapre aka the messed up one) except Cammy who was cloned using Bisons DNA. That is why all the other clones have nationalities, whilst Cammy doesn’t. Kind of freaky I know :xeye:

Even more freaky was Bisons plans to take over Cammys body. That be one messed up mofo.

Mohammed Ali

They began creating Cammy sometime before they kidnapped the other girls, and infact the other girls were kidnapped after Cammy had already been completed.

From what DA GAME read off of TiamatRoar’s FAQ Decapre is Russian & in SF# 12 it also states that Decapre is Russian & was supposed to a perfect clone of Cammy but her face got scarred up & that’s why she wears a mask.

Its one of two things.

  1. Decapre was created in Russia, thus is considered to be Russian.

  2. Capcom wanted to have a doll from every major countrry and decided Decapre would be the Russian one.

Vega gave a mask to Decapree because Vega didn’t want Decapree to get her face scarred like Cammy’s.

Why does Cammy say in # 12 that Decapre is fighting exactly like her? To me she fights more like Vega, with that mask and two claws…

Lets see…

  1. Decapre is an exact clone of Cammy.

  2. When Cammy was being created her moves, fighting style, etc, were geneticly “installed” into her.

Thus Decapre fights like Cammy, not hard to understand.

Thats only cause you see the mask and claws, then you think Vega, rather then just relizing Decapre = Cammy + Claws & Mask.

I think Decapre isn’t a clone. This was shown in SFA3 where it seems Bison singles out Cammy as the only clone. Decapre and the rest were kidnapped girls.

Since the girls had most likely been kidnapped only a year or 2 before hitting 16, and Cammy was created 16 years before SFA3 (see age), it is unlikely that Cammy and Decapre share the same DNA.

Chances are that Vega simply ‘customised’ one of the dolls to be his ‘version’ of Cammy (maybe using a memory algorithm as well :lol:).

However, I guess it is still possible that Decapre was a clone of Cammy from the following conjecture… The Sakura kidnapping failed so they were a doll short, so Vega made his own one (in the space of a year or two) to fill the spot. That would also explain why she was the last doll. Makes sense to me.

What do people think?

Mohammed Ali

i’d just like to say that only the terrible alpha games that cammy was stated as being a clone by bison of all people who is hardly trust worthy. it hasn’t been stated in the comics at all only hinted at.

Wait, so something that’s “only” in the games but not in the comics, is unofficial? I think you got it the wrong way around.

The games (and books like All About Capcom and Eternal Challenge, and hopefully the translation of EC) are the only Capcom canon works. Udon are making their own canon based on Capcom’s works, and until Capcom decides to throw out all their back story and give full reins to Udon (which isn’t that unlikely), Capcom decides the story.

wait wait now you have all confused me about Cammy and Decapre. The way i understood it, Decapre is also a test tude doll like Cammy, but she was the version made before Cammy, and was technically a failure because of deformation on her face. The doctor tells Cammy “She was the last before we perfected the process that made you…”.

Have i got it all wrong?
Confused confused confused confused confused

Let me break it down for you.






Now stop creating these ludicrous threads gosh darn it. Is Cammy Russian, oh brother…

From a canonical standpoint, Cammy is the only clone of Bison. All the other girls have been kidnapped and brainwashed to be killing machines.

oh i see. I didn’t even know that Decapre was in the game =p

from a confused stand point i thought people were only refering to the comic. Sorry if this has caused anger and frustration.

No, I wasn’t angry at you and I apologize if you took it that way. I was more angry that this Thread was created in the first place. This question could of been addressed in the thread that talks about SF 12.

Decapre was one of the Dolls that appears in Juni and Juli’s intro in SFZ3.