As a Sim player, who`s your secondary character and why?

I’m just looking for ideas who to use against Sim’s bad matchups or something to use that helps in training you how to zone better.

As we are getting closer to the switch to Arcade Edition, a big change is anticipated in terms of matchups, popularity, and metagame.

Everyone is talking about countering the twins, lol. I’m contemplating learning Gief…maybe I’ll try him out hehe.

Your thoughts?

Bison is my primary with Sim being a close second. For the most part, neither character shares a bad match-up (ex. Guile dominates Bison but Sim dominates Guile, etc…).

Been trying to learn Fei. I use Law from Tekken a lot. I figure I can use them both in SF X Tekken if they’re both in it. lol

Honda’s a good secondary. He covers Sim’s tough matchups for the most part, i.e. the rushdown divekickers (Yun, Yang, Rufus, Cammy) and the random guess fighters (Viper, Ibuki, Fuerte, Akuma, Abel). Sim, in turn, covers Honda’s tough matchups, i.e. fireball zoners.

juri … i think shes a ton of fun … and is basicly sim on cocaine …

she does much better in sims hard matchups … including … (viper , abel , rufus ) … she struggles against (guile, honda, blanka) … everyone else she seems to do just fine … feilong , yun and yang are all hard … and it really depends on your opponents skill in the end i suppose … but she seems to do better than sim in those matchups … (not by much tho)


I’m a T. Hawk, first and foremost. I’ve had a couple stints with Dhalsim, though. And I’m thinking of adopting him once and for all for some of those damn tough Hawk matchups: Gouken, Vega, Dhalsim, Akuma, and Blanka, mainly.

just stick too 1 character, plain and simple