Artwork lifting off - return Madcatz TE stick or not?


I have recently bought a MvC3 TE stick and it has the usual TE stick quality BUT

the artwork lifts off on the left side, just where my hand usually rests at the joystick. If I push on the surface with my finger, it will go down several mm’s. The rest of the artwork around the buttons is very firm.

Is this a faulty stick and should I return it, or just play with it / simple fix maybe?

The whole panel is faulty and you need to get one from me to replace it, hahahaha jk.
The stick is fine, if the artwork is the only problem you have just simply rip it off and replace it. I recommend getting a plexi cover from Art @ or a slim cover from myself(when available). This way you can easily change the artwork to something more personal and give your stick a more classy look. If you are kind of turned off because it is a madcatz product and in the past they were known for faulty products. Well dont be, because with the emergence of these TE sticks Markman pretty much reworked the reputation of madcatz in the eyes of alot of people including myself. It doesnt hurt that the buttons and stick are sanwa but still it is a great product and the problem you are experiencing is not too big of a deal to return and get another one.

Get new art work and a new plexi…that Marvel art looks like garbage anyways.

Same thing happened to my TE-S stick, which I liked the art on.

soo why is it bulging upwards anyway? is the artwork too large for the stick?

the thing is, I am returning a TE ‘S’ stick anyway, so it would be kind of little work to send it back (its within the 14 days frame) and get a new one… I wouldn’t even have to send 2 packages

I don’t really want to buy a new artowrk because I’d have to take out the buttons and stuff… soooo much work!

i would tape it down with double sided carpet tape…

that would make it a bit uneven

well it seems I’ve got no choice, not easy to get plexis here in germany either without insane shipping costs

You ARE shitting me, right?

Plexi Faceplates - ArcadeForge

You’ve got Jochen right on your damn doorstep :rofl:

It sucks when that happens man.

You can return the stick for a replacement or replace the art your self, and add a nice plexy to it.
Although it can be alot of work, i say customize your stick, get some different art and a plexy cover, you bee glad you did.

I’ve got the same problem, I plan to add a plexi cover but was worried that it would not fit flush with the bezel since the art already is. Any suggestions? I haven’t started taking it apart yet, and the information may be out there, but this thread is the closest I’ve come to an answer. Thanks in advance

The art of the TE is thicker than normal paper, but the plexiglass adds a few mm in thickness. Honestly, I think they fit well together, but you could always look to remove your bezel by using a full or extended plexi panel if you’d like.

Bencao from has got you covered.

If it is already peeling in less than 14 days I would return it. Its not that hard to replace but why bother if it is breaking right out of the gate. That is what a warranty is for.

I thought they were for voiding?