Artists for hire?

So I’m sure a post like this already exists, but I absolutely hate weeding through hundreds of posts to find what I’m looking for. Is there anyone with great photoshop skills that might be willing to make stick artwork / designs at a relatively cheap cost? I would like to get some orginal artwork onto my next stick, but lack the necessary skills to even do a moderate job.

Might try hitting the buy/sell/trade forum, being as this is a commission thing.

hell yeah! check my thread nigga at…


ah sorry man, cant help you

That has got to be one of the most genius posts i’ve seen. Only artists that get paid top dollar have that kind of creativity.

OP, what is it exactly that you want drawn?

Who’s willing to do it for free then?

And no exactly drawn, but photo shop’d to make things easier…i was hoping for a collage of sorts, If that is too difficult then i can come up with another idea. something like this…

I can possibly do it, however not for free. If you want something drawn check my gallery. (In my signature.) I’ve only done Stick design for myself lol.

I know you’re not gonna listen, but I will be “that guy” and post it anyway.

Google “photoshop tutorials”. It’s quite possibly the most well documented program in the world. The fact you can post URLs on a forum shows you have more than enough skill to learn it. Then when you’re walking around with awesome custom artwork on your stick, you can tell people “yeah, I made the artwork too” instead of giving all the credit to some dude on the internet. Then when you are basking in your glory, you can hunt down people wanting to commission cheap artwork and post this image (except it’s a version you made) along with advice to check for photoshop tutorials:

I know Lord British does some art, but it’s about 30 dollars (I think he sends you a llama label with it, though)

Then use the search function.

or use this in google and next to it type what you’re looking for works even better


Is it wrong that I wish this was a decent resolution so I could print it out and rock it on a stick for a while? It’s kind of fantastic. Nicely done.

Trolling? This isn’t GD you know.

That said: