Artist at evo! need your help!

So I’m making these little 4x6 mini prints to sell at EVO, I’m a long time fighting game fan figured I’d get around to Streetfighter this time, I’d love to draw EVERYONE! But I don’t have that much time, here’s who I have on my list so far

Done-> Ryu, Ken, Vega, ChunLi, Zangief, Akuma, R. Mika, Menat,
Planning to do-> Cammy, Guile, Cody ( my favorite) ,Juri, Sakura, Ibuki, Poison,
Considering-> Q , Blanka, Nash, Karin, Urien (want suggestions )

Where I need your help is I need suggestions on who should make the cut!!

  1. Which character should I definitely include before my time is up?? Any particular reason why?
  2. Would you be into buying these online or at evo?
  3. If your going to EVO atleast swing by my booth and say “hi”.

If these go well im consider doing every SMASH character too!

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I like your art you do dynamic poses and faces well. I think trying your hand at Juri would be interesting but since you are already planning her I would like to see you do Nash.

Unfortunately not going to EVO this year but I like the prints.

I’ll probably sell these in my online store but heres some more !

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