art site?

are there any decent comic/anime/game art forum beside this and snk-capcom?

thats all you need really, but I find smaller communties like here better, because your voice can just get lost in places like that.

lol…so this is where all the pros hang out huh…i like this place as well but sometime felt like a dead place and lack of posting, so i wanna see check other places while this place is idling…

There’s a lot of sites out there, but as bill_rizer mentioned it’s easy to get lost on some of the larger forums.

Conceptart, CGtalk are the pro forums (IMHO), but they’re more for professional stuff and not fan art like we churn out. They’re great for picking up tips to up your skills, but they’re not gonna pay much attention to the average fan artist.

comics-wise, I know of Artxilla:

I’m sure there’s TONs of anime-related sites out there that have their own fan art forum. eg; for CLAMP stuff I know there’s

yea those pro forums are great for tips and learning and i dont think im gonna bother to post my arts there, and out of curious is a official manga web, cause i thought CLAMP was the company that made manga or something… is a fan site with various discussion forums for CLAMP manga/anime. It’s not affiliated to CLAMP in any way, apart from them being fans of CLAMP’s works.

Just like SRK isn’t affiliated with Capcom. We’re just fans in the end :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about SNK-Capcom’s art forum.

and TNL