art dump

art by corey “rey” lewis
colors by me.

i think i kept to his bright style yet not actually making them some onscur neon color. i did this, this past week to get into practicing coloring since i havent done it in literally years on photoshop. i’ve got at least 3 pics from corey im working on coloring some comic panels some just regular images…trying to decide if i wanna pursue coloring in comics as a way to break in.

haven’t been actively drawing in a long time. going to school for art really killed the fun for me but i’m really working towards a comics, hence my love for drawing is up 10 folds…here are some stuff related to the comic and one random sword guy.

Random sword guy

head sketches for a comic idea,his names kizer and he’s a graffiti artist.

The prince, he does capoeira…cool martial art…never truly represented in comics except in tenjou tenge. messing with different ways to draw the dreads.

the comic title is luckyhit adventures, i saw messing around with different styles of drawing it. the second and last are a graffiti style i’ve been working on for the past few years.

the round eye/dot pupil mix reminds me of one piece. that ain’t a bad thing ^^
is that a turban on the bottom right person in the 2nd pic? or is that hair. if that’s hair then DAYAMN! haven’t seen hair drawn like that since yu yu hakusho.

i purposely did the facial expressions from oda, the way he draws expressions appeals to me alot. it emphasizes alot of emotion in a cartoony way, yet the fucker can bring a tear to my eye in such emotional writing such as arlong park saga where nami is crying for luffy’s help after a huge breakdown.

haha i’m a big yu yu hakusho fan but that was totally unintentional if it does remind u of it.i havent read the manga in years and havent watched the anime since before summer began.its hair, i used a micron cause i figured it would give a cool effect to see all the single hair lines since most will make it almost in an outline with an occasional line here and there to emphasize alot of hair.

ah icic. lol i watched all of yu yu hakusho online in like 2 weeks last nov or dec. best. 2. weeks. ever! very well spent i say. XD

i missed the last arch can u pm me where u saw it all. i’ve seen everything but the last arch.

oddly enough i watched it on myspace tv… yep… that’s right…

updated the first post with a picture by corey lewis i colored. comments welcomed.