ART DUMP! (30 new images on the last page)

…an ART dump.

ok here goes…fire away, lemme know what you think.
some watercolor/ink

i love watercolor+ink

great stuff man :7)

that first ones really nice

In the first piece of art I really like the style, looks good. The position of the eyes as far as they are up on the face, despite his face being somewhat long looks slightly out of place.

As for the second picture it is pretty neat, but the eyes are somewhat close together, more than they probably should be.

I really like the last picture as well, don’t really have any comments of the others right now.

2nd pic reminds me of Bootstrap Bill Turner. It will be kinda cool if you ease up on the ink and use more darker watercolors.

just a sketch…crits?

I think you need to mass your shadows more and keep your highlights tight. You have a lot of interruptions in your darks and it makes your images appear flatter. But other than that, they’re pretty good. I like the bat

the process

the image

The 1st pic is gruesomely beautiful.

weird style but good stuff.I like it:lovin:

Good stuff, Rabid. And I really dig the angles of the blood on the first one. Excellent touch.

It’s 1995!

Tiny baby/bear pictures of famous athletes!

lol. Thumbs up.

1995…whaaa?? i don’t get the refrence.
believe it or not my fiance actually has a teddy bear like this. in a gi and i painted the ten symbol on his back.

Like this, they were the HUGE stupid thing for a lil while.

Sorry for sorta off topicing your thread.

You gotta figure out your light source(s)… They seem to be coming from every direction… That in turn will help you place your shadows…

BTW, I like your water-colouring in the teddy bear… In fact, you seem to have a knack at water colours…