Art contest

When is the deadline? Any specific rules other than the “Boys vs. Girls” theme? Obviously, people should “keep it clean”.

we are looking at starting the fan art section in the book at issue 4. So in 2 weeks or so we would need them. Max size is 4 X 6 inches at 300 DPI.

Yes, keep it clean. No nudity please or any “bad” moves.

As for fan mail, we still have a little room for some fan mail for SF#3 till Saturday (10/18) , so send them in!

wow, that’s kinda small, but easy for me to scan :smiley: .
Ok, this might be a newbie question, but what’s 300 dpi?
Oh, and can there be blood?(not too much)

DPI = Dots Per Inch

Amazing you have a scanner and don’t know what DPI is.

Udoneko: So, let me get this straight… the final pic has to be 4" x 6"? Is that in printed size only? I mean, suppose someone mailed you a file, and the image was 1800 x 1200, which rounds off to 4" x 6" at 300 pixels/inch when printed. Is that the maximum acceptable or am I just confused?

er if your not that great of a drawer do you still have a chance of winning (like is it just you have to mail in a picture to be enterd in the contest or does your picture have to be great). thanks

What are the details of this contest? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Thanks for tell me what dpi is…
the reason why i don’t know what DPI is b/c my scanner(program) doesn’t mention any DPI , or at least I didn’t see any /pay any attention to it O_o

Guys vs Girls Street Fighter fanart.

The details are in the back of SF #2, but if you don’t have it yet then I paraphrased the contest in here (link).

I’m participating! Just hope my drawing gets printed. Finished inking it now all that’s left is painting the sucker! I know competition’s gonna be real stiff!

My submission of Chun-Li vs. Twelve who is (Imitating) Ryu is on the Fourth Post on the Link below, and I sent it in Sunday. Anyone else at SRK competing?

Very good question Godzilla :wink: . I would like to know the same thing.