Arms - not the game I was expecting

I thought arms was going to be like Street Fighter accept full motion in 3D from my behind-the-back perspective.

When I heard you moved both joycons like joysticks, I thought it was going to be Virtual On but with less spamming projectiles. I thought you could do any combination of forward, back, strafe left and right. rotate left and right, jump and duck using a dual stick combo LS F plus RS B equals rotate right LS L plus RS R)

I thought the thumbsticks would do single directions plus quarter circles and Z motions for moves while punching forward made an attack.

The fact that I could get out of their vision and sneak attack due to Auto tracking ruined the game for me.

Also, why have twin sticks when a) you can’t rotate and b) they must be pressed in the same direction or else it’s neutral?

I think some of my expectations combined with how Arms actually turned out with Street Fighter characters would make a good Street Fighter Beta. (The name Street Fighter Alpha 2 should have been called was INHO Street Fighter Beta)

Between 2 independent motion sensitive joycons, with 2 thumb sticks and d pads for your hands, and 2 triggers on each thumb, you could make a cool marianette fighter.

Capcom/DisneyCorp mashup possibilities

Also when they make a Mashup version, add Star Wars, and some Disney series were fighting is a regular part, like Kim Possible, Jake Long, Teamo Supremo, Phineas and Ferb’s Perry/Doofenschmertz sub plot, and other partially action-based Disney Franchises.

(I would suggest Doug’s internal fantasy universe of Quailman except I don’t know how you can put fighting in a series where there was only one real violent incident, and during it, Doug’s dad, Phil, shared this saying: “Show me a man who resorts to violence, and I’ll show you a man who has run out of good ideas.” Also Filmore, despite having intense chases, has no violence except for obstacles strewn)

Plus you got Pixar’s Incredibles, (acquired through Fox) Peter Griffin vs Chicken Suit Guy, Simpsons.

Disney. Just buy Capcom already. Between 9 Marvel fight games, the Disney Afternoon NES collection, and quite a few one-offs, Disney and Capcom are very close to each other already. Make it official.